Anyone Attend Any Marches This Weekend?


There were many folks carrying signs (and wearing shirts) for immigration reform up in Columbia Heights. How was the scene on the Mall?


And PoPville flickr user dullshick caught this wild scene from Saturday’s anti-war March:

Anarchists picking on Park Police

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  • Some friends and I drove past because we had forgotten it was going on. Big mistake. Traffic was insane around 2:30. Much better by 5.

  • I ran into some teabaggers when I was biking to Eastern Market on Saturday morning… never seen so many white people in one place in my life! They wouldn’t let me cross through them when I had a pedestrian walk signal and they did not, so that was fun. They had some very *interesting* signage containing many grammatical errors.

  • Those were teabaggers? I thought it was an open call for casting the remake of Deliverance.

  • It’s really hard to take the Tea Party Folk seriously when they’re singing Sandanista fight songs, and carry on like LaRouchies.

    • Why would you even try to take them seriously. It’s mostly old people who can’t spell bussed in from their 50+ communities by Fox News.

      They are more useless than hippies fighting to save some sub-species of northern spotted sparrow or some nonsense.

  • I took the dog for a walk Sunday around the Capitol and was shocked at how many people were out for the immigration rally. I talked to a capitol police officer who said he estimated around 100,000 for it. Pretty peaceful rally, nice people.

    Then I walked over to the tea badger rally on the eastside of the lawn. About 300 angry white people. I couldn’t help but laugh, their signs are hilarious. For what it’s worth, all were very friendly, and debated healthcare with the pro health care people fairly civily.

  • What criminals are we going to hold a rally for next week?

    Free Mumia!

    Oh that’s right. We already fried him.

    • yeah honestly. sounds like that rally would have been a perfect opportunity for a round up.

      • Idiot… isn’t that what Hitler did? Round them up… Maybe we ought to “Round Up all the haters.”

        Despite what you people might think, there are rights afforded to those in this country – legal or not.

        Get a copy, read it. Its called the constitution.

      • Susan, you too are either an immigrant or decedent of one. Or are you Native American?

  • yea, round ’em all up. along with the mics and polacs who came just a few generations ago. oh except now, white people burst with pride at their irish ancestry. one almost forgets how much they were hated, too. In a few generations more, grandkids and gerat grandkids of these newer immigrants will be treasuring their ancestry too. Just like it’s always happened with this country, and will continue to happen. One of the many reasons why I love this nation.

    I, for one, was happy to see lots (lots!!) of white and black americans standing side-by-side with the africans, latinos, asians, and other immigrants.

    My favorite signs: “immigraiton is a queer issue” (yay for support from other minority groups!); “did columbus get a visa?”

  • What a wonderful display of trite stereotypes –no, no, I’m sorry, I meant — “shrewd observations” of those with whom you disagree. The tea party people seem to hate the policy, whereas you clearly hate the tea party people. Imagine that…

  • as annoyed as i am by ALL these protests… i am endlessly grateful that i live in a country where these people are NOT rounded up… it wasnt just Hitler’s Germany where that happened, it happens all over the world to this day.

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