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I can’t believe I’ve never noticed this before. Maybe I have and just forgot. The beauty of terrible short-term memory… This building is from the 1600 block of K Street, NW.



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  • Cool. Looks like dill or fennel…or something related.

  • I sit right across the street from that, and admire it often. It’s less obvious from street level, as you saw.

    My former boss called it the broccoli building, but I agree on the fennel label. Queen Anne’s Lace? Yarrow?

  • What is so great about this building…I must be missing something

    • The great thing about this building is that it serves to separate the people who are still capable of finding a little joy and beauty in their surroundings, from those who are curmudgeonly to the point of soullessness.

  • Love it – But just spent a futile 15 minutes googling to find out more – no luck – anyone?

  • You haven’t noticed it before because the building itself is devoid of architectural interest.

    • Most walls are also “devoid of architechtural interest”, but you’ll still see plenty of be-muraled walls getting all kinds of love around here.

  • What a difference a generation or two can make.

    This is The American Legion Building national headquarters at 1608 K Street, NW.

    The building’s front facade was built long ago and also inscribed with words you can just make out on this picture, “For God and Country”, back when those words truly meant something and motivated American citizens young and old alike in their professional and personal lives.

    Americanism, still professed by the American Legion through its organization today, wasn’t such a bad word.

    You know, before we slid and became “Citizens of the World”.

  • Actually, the national headquarters are in Indiana, but who’s counting? The Wikipedia article on the organization is an interesting read.

    As for the building- The American Legion entrance (on left) and main building lobbies are quite nice as well, all steel marble and chrome!

  • I work in this building. It is named the City Building located at 1612 K Street and is not part of the American Legion Building.
    The building was built in 1959 and the facade was redesigned by Arthur Cotton Moore in 1997 when the current owner aquired the building.

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