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“Dear PoP,

Everyone, knowing that PoP readers are all pet lovers – I am reaching out to you all to see if a) anyone of you would be willing to adopt my two cats or b) try and help me find someone who can. My son has an allergy to cats and the only viable option is to get rid of the cats. I will provide a 20lb bag of food, a supply of wet food, litter, food bowls, scratching posts and other items associated with the care of two cats. Also, the cats will get full check up and updated vaccinations prior to adoption. Giving up our cats is our only option at this point and if we could keep them we would. Note that both cats are indoor cats. Also, we can recommend a great cat sitter for those times when you may need one. See below for pictures and description of each cat.


Cinnamon: Is a 10 year old, male, neutered tabby cat. He is a very sweet cat, loves to sit on a warm lap in the winter and sun himself around the house. He is still playful – loves to chase a laser pointer and wrestles with our younger cat.


Martini: Is an 8 year old male, neutered domestic short hair cat. He is a bit more energetic, but certainly is a sweet, playful cat. He too loves the laser pointer. The cats have been together for 8 years and really enjoy each other’s company. Martini loves to drink dripping water from the tub, and he waits patiently for showers to end so he can hop in the tub.

I would entertain any options at this point and am willing to talk to potential adopters. Please contact me at kjmoyer(at)themorancompany(dot)com Thank you all for your consideration.”

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  • Pop – ‘adOpt’ two cats or ‘adApt?’ then again, there may be feline-looking cat owners…

  • ZOMG THEY ARE SO CUTE. If I didn’t already have 3 cats I would love to help.

  • Do they hunt roaches and get along with dogs? Because my dog is useless on my roach problem…

  • They look so sweet — I’d totally take them if my angry girl cat could tolerate being around other cats. I hope that you find them a good home.

  • i hope they find a good home (together!). if only i didn’t already have 3 cats…

  • I wish I could take them but I have sick kitty with FIV

  • We just lost our two awesome cats, so this is really really tempting. But for now, kinda enjoying the fur free house. Boy, we miss the purrs, loving interaction, and their abilities to detect the spirit world. We’d also instantly make them become outdoor cats, they need the warm sun, grass, breezes, squirrels, and birds.

  • . . . Yes, the delightful free-range cat life – the gouged eyeballs from feral cat fights, the gut churning parasitic worms, the struggling gasps of massacred baby songbirds, their tiny throats ripped apart, stringy veins dangling in the dirt as they choke to death, ripped apart by your adventurous kitties -the bright glint of afternoon sun on the red splotchy blood oozes in the middle of the road where – oops – kitty didn’t quite get that class on crossing the street – chunky little bones sticking up from the splotchy mess like toothpicks in the bean dip.

    Yes, cats do belong outside – when they are in Africa. And are cheetahs.

  • There is no reason for the last post from “Outside cats” on this thread. Tasteless, but that’s anon blogging for you. PoP, you should delete it.

    Beautiful kitties. I’ll ask around

  • Actually, Outside Cats has a point. I was more offended by Fur Free For Now. Cats have no place outside in a city environment.

    Any chance your son could take Zyrtec or get weekly allergy shots? They are really beautiful cats. I hope they find a safe home (eliminating “Fur Free For Now”).

  • Everyone,

    Owner of the cats.

    Thank you for all the nice comments. I am really trying hard to find these guys a home. But it is so hard to find a home for two adult cats.

    The very best and most practical way to solve an allergy problem is to eliminate the allergen. We would love to keep the cats, but it is not an option.

    I really appreciate everyone’s support

  • I wish with all my might I could take these babies in as I miss my two kitties. But I miss them because I found a better home for them with an elderly lady and they are spoiled rotten and rubbed all day long. It’s the best for them. I get to visit though! Good luck and I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you find a home for them.

  • You might want to check with the Washington Animal Rescue League or other rescues around the city to see if they can help.

  • Kay,

    Any luck?

    I’ve been taking Zyrtec for 2 years and have 2 cats. Works like a charm. Try it for a week? Costco has a very inexpensive generic version of Zyrtec.

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