Adams Morgan Getting a New Comedy Club

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From an email:

I’m the the process of opening a new comedy room in Adams Morgan. We launch on Mar. 13th and comics scheduled for our debut include:

Rob Maher
E.J. Edmonds
Sara Fraser
Erin Ryan
Wayne Manigo

This will held in the upstairs bar of El Rincon (1826 Columbia Road, NW – a few steps past the Suntrust Bank).

Final details are still being worked out but the first event is likely to cost $20 and include dinner.

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  • This sounds sweet! Will they have an open mike night?
    Maybe I will give it a whirl!

  • I cant believe it. Just as I move to another neigborhood they get this.

  • I’m confused. Is this going to become a comedy club or is El Rincon just going to have comedy nights? Well the food still be el rincons food?

  • this is a comedy open mic night upstairs at a mexican restaurant run by serial open mic starter wayne manigo

    “room” not “club” Big difference.
    Still, should be a fun event.

  • Does anyone else’s browser freeze up whenever a post containing a google street view image is being loaded? Don’t have a problem with the real estate posts that just have the map, but my browser freezes whenever these street view images load. I’m using IE8, and unfortunately that’s all I can load onto my computer at work (so I can’t test other browsers).

    • ah

      YEs, I’ve had that problem on a Mac using Safari. Not always, but there’s something hinky about streetview these days

      • Prince Of Petworth

        I’m gonna try to not use Streetview that often as I’ve been having some problems with it myself.

  • Will any of the coke dealers that hang out in El Rincon every night be performing?

  • When will Marion Barry and Jim Graham be performing? Those two clowns should bring down da house!

  • Gang:

    Thanks for the feedback (both negative and positive). My comments and feedback are below:

    1) Open Mic – it’s scheduled for Wednesday nights. There will be some professional comics breaking in new material and some newbie comics who will always need their first break.

    2) A comedy room is not the same as a comedy club. El Rincon will still have their wonderful dishes. We have created a special menu so you can catch a great comedy show AND have dinner for only $20.00. The cost of the show w/o dinner is $10.00.

    3) For the coke dealer comment – I suggest you take a look at how El Rincon is operating now. We’ve hired one of the best security companies in the area. They started last month and the word is out that what ever happened in the past will not continue going forward. We debut on March 13th, but this plan has been in place for a while.

    4) Mister Knucklz: You got jokes! Open Mic is on Wednesday.

    BTW – After the comedy show – we’ll have a DJ spinning until the wee hours!

  • We showed up for this so-called comedy night. Turns out the joke was on us! There was a sign on the door saying the entire restaurant was closed for the whole day. The upstairs area had some sort of construction going on. Nice way to start out your “comedy room.”

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