A Little Cardozo HS History From Mr. T in DC

Central High School Postcard

Awesome find by PoPville flickr user Mr. T in DC:

Postcard of Central (now Cardozo) High School, in Columbia Heights in Washington, DC. Reverse is dated 1926, and reads:

“The Central High School is one of the largest and most modern institutions of its kind in the United States. It contains a large swimming pool where the pupils are taught swimming and lifesaving. The Stadium is used by all the high schools for football games and athletic track meets. The large auditorium is used for public functions and Community Center activities. The stage is the largest in the city and the proscenium arch is one of the largest in the world.”

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  • And now… it’s a rat infested juvenile detention facility. Way to go DCPS.

  • This is really cool — my grandfather would have been a student at Central in 1926!

    • Neat – I think my grandfather went to Central around that time too. I know that my great-grandmother was Central High Class of 1891. I still have her yearbook.

  • Yeah. Too bad Rhee is investing all the effort and money over on the other side of the park. Make Cardozo great again!! (Or at least fix the plumbing).

    • Oh please….

    • Cardozo is East of the park where all the money’s going, look at a map.

      • Hmmm. From where I sit (east of the park) the money sure looks to be flowing to the west…

        Hardy Jr. High (G-Town) gets all kinds of new programs to attract neighborhood parents.

        Eaton ES (Cleveland Park) get funding for Chinese language and culture program, But Thomson (Logan Circle) which has had shoestring chinese language program for years gets ignored.

        Mann elementary (AU Park) gets to keep 6th grade in the elementary school when all other ES got to 5.

        Oyster?? — Seriously, there is not enough space to comment.

        • Do you want me to list all the projects I know east of the park? I will post them all tonight and they include huge entire building renovations.

          Don’t forget that parents from Ward 7 and 8 scramble like hell to fill up every single available slot in Ward 3 schools while many east of the park schools are less than 100% full and prior to Fenty closing 23 schools some were at 25% of their max population. Meanwhile Murch has temporary classrooms to handle its overflow at something like 110% the number of students it should have…

  • Vonstallin

    and with that…If i had a kid you couldn’t pay me to send them to Cardoza.

  • Anybody else notice that among all those “most modern” details, not one has anything to do with education? Just saying, priorities right out of the gate seem a little askew.

  • Rant: having to wiki “proscenium”.

  • I sure would love to hear from the Kids of Cardoza…

    After all it doesn’t matter what we think. As long as the children learn and want to go back day after day.

    • I actually heard from some Cardozo students a few years back and one of the things they complained about was teachers who didn’t hold high enough expectations for the students. Hopefully that is no longer the case, but I can see how that could limit student achievement.

  • until fairly recently, i worked for an educational exchange org. cardozo was on our… “blacklist”. after we had a teacher from the UK beat up by students, we opted not to consider the school. he was the second of two foreign teachers that we put there to expand students’ horizons. having said that, it may be a great school if you want your kids to be versed in “street skills”.


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