1421 Euclid Street, NW Proposals (Near the soon to be Justice Park)

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I received a couple of renderings for the parcel that is set to be developed at 1421 Euclid Street, NW. Above is from Dantes Partners. The proposal above is for 37 rental apartments. You can see all the other renderings plus more info on the project here. Do you have a favorite?

Ed. Note: Back in Dec. Council Member Graham said that Justice Park funding was back on track. However I don’t think construction has started yet, last time I passed it.

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  • View of the gas station, please!!

  • I agree!! I live at the other end of the block and that gas station is a constant source or trouble. Also, who in the world would want to have a view and smell of a gas station 24/7. With the noise, lights and fumes – I will take a pass on that one.

  • That’s not just any gas stations – that’s the “crack’n’gas”.

  • Seriously. When that was supposed to be condos I kept asking myself: who would buy a condo with a view of the “BP of Death”? Answer: no one. That is why it is rentals now.

    That gas station needs to be closed.

  • it is someones business, but it should close because you don’t like it?

    • Yeah, it’s someone’s business – someone who has no respect for the community in which it’s located. This BP allows drunks, drug dealers and panhandlers to hang out one their property 24/7. I previously managed a business a few blocks from this one – it’s not rocket science, you either explicitly allow drunks and drug activity on your property or you don’t. This BP chooses to allow it.

      • We used to have loitering and vagrancy laws here in the District of Columbia and they were well enforced by property owners and the police.

        Those loitering and vagrancy laws were done away with by Home Rule, the ACLU, and the big defenders of the public intoxication, drug dealers and their street lookouts, and the rights of the accused crowd -you know, the lawless left that brought us to where we are.

        • This isn’t even about the city’s lack of loitering and vagrancy laws – those apply/applied to public space like sidewalks, parks, etc. This is private property and existing trespassing laws and barring notices [which MPD is very helpful in facilitating if needed] can be easily used.

  • I’ll trade you your BP on Euclid for the Exxon on Parkwood and 14th. They bring a new meaning to “No Loitering”.

  • And what do you know – triple shooting across the street from the gas station at 3am this morning.

  • Seems like these could be good additions to community and help it grow. Look forward to seeing what progress is made.

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