11th and O Streets, NW Getting a Traffic Light


I happened to have run into some neighbors who live nearby this intersection. When they first requested a traffic light here they were told that it was not possible because there weren’t enough traffic accidents yet. Frustrating logic.

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  • So let’s just put a light on every intersection then?

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Good point. But apparently there were a lot of near accidents and it was apparently very difficult for pedestrians to cross. But I hear what you’re saying, there has to be some sort of metric.

  • The real problem with that intersection is that the road is so messed up with sewer covers sticking 6 inches higher than the road. It leads lots of cars crossing 11th to go really really slow and sitting in the middle of the road.

  • Why do you believe these people PoP? Do you really believe that DC’s only criteria in putting in traffic lights is “only where there are lots of accidents.” Maybe it is that there is only so much money to devote to certain things (e.g. traffic lights, etc.), so money gets prioritized. Maybe the street lights were in the budget/plan for the road repairs they’ve been doing for the past couple years on that street, and that’s why they are going in now rather than before. Maybe some neighborhood ninny was spouting off at some city employee and goaded them into giving this answer (“How dare you not put a traffic light where I tell you, there could be accidents!,” “Well, sir/maam, there are other places where there are more accidents where we need to prioritize our money,” “We need more accidents to make you put one in! Wait till my blogger friend hears about this!”).

    Whoever said this blog should be renamed “Entitlement Blog” got it right. You’ve got posts where people don’t want to pay their real estate taxes (where they are being assessed at the amount they paid for the property! the injustice of it all!), then you’ve got posts where people complain that the city isn’t spending enough money. You need to exercise some editorial discretion, because, really “Entitlement” is the only thing this blog is pushing nowadays, and “Entitlement” is NOT the beautiful life.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Wow, lot to say here. First, I’d never met those people before. Second, you need to read all the posts more closely, I’m actually only pushing doors, stained glass, apartments, restaurants and the return of roman numerals.

      But if you only want to see “Entitlement” well I suppose you are entitled.

  • Hey Really?, PoP believed me because I was telling the truth. Have lived in the neighborhood for 7 plus years and have seen at least 4 or 5 accidents at that intersection – which seems like a high number, don’t you think? At the scene of the last accident I asked an officer how we could go about getting a light at 11th and O given how dangerous it is to cross on foot and how cars need to ease out into traffic in order to see north and south on 11th. He told me point blank that the city will not allocate funds unless there are a threshold number of complaints and/or accident reports received. Whether true or not, its what he told me. The intersection is a running joke in the neighborhood and we have been asking for a light for years. And after living and paying taxes in DC for 20 years I believe I am “entitled” not to risk my life walking and driving home simply because the city won’t install a traffic light at a ridiculously dangerous intersection. Really can’t think of any worse “lightless” intersections in town.

  • I’m sure that it would be too much to ask to have this light, and those at the corner of Mass and 11th, timed so that more than two cars can make it through the intersection before it changes. 11th is the worst road in the city — too bad it’s the most direct way for many of us to get downtown.

  • The problem in this area is not traffic flow, in the normal understanding of the term. As Hopester points out, the road is torn to hell. Visibility is poor because of none-too-close parallel parking and that hulking Pepco building surrounded by bushy trees. The contractors in that area (both DOT and private) have not taken pains to clean up after themselves. The sidewalk is a mess, so people walk in the road. Cyclists heading south bang a wide right to get to Logan Circle.

    A traffic light won’t improve any of these issues.

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