Screen on the Green Needs to be Saved Again

Photo by lonecellotheory
Photo by flickr user lonecellotheory

It was saved last year but NBC Washington is reporting that it needs to be saved again:

“Rauch tells us that HBO — which has traditionally backed the movie event — hasn’t yet determined its 2010 budget. “Hence, our renewed effort to demonstrate how strongly the community supports and loves SOTG,” Rauch told us in an e-mail today.”

You can join the save the screen on the green facebook page here.

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  • Meh, for at the facebook groups I’ve joined and emails I spammed friends with last year, when I finally got to Screen on the Green, it was so overcrowded, and the audio so faint that I’m not sure I care this time. The movies they choose are total classics, but really not the sort to show outdoors, where a drive-in B movie is best. I had lots of fun once I defected across the river to the superhero series at Crystal Screen, which doesn’t need saving, and had over five times the number of films.

  • Oh, give me a freakin’ break. HBO gets something like $20 of my money a month, along with a few million others. Surely they can spare the pocket change it must take to project some crappy old movies on a blow-up screen down on the Mall.

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