Mt. Pleasant Residents Help Dig Out Stuck Snow Plows

three snow plows got stuck on ingleside

This is what community and the Beautiful Life is all about. Thanks to Robin for sending the word and photos:

“There were three snow plows stuck on Ingleside Ter for 3 hours. The neighbors dug them out. There were probably about 20 people there.”

only to have it get stuck again

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  • ah

    This is great, but don’t the trucks have a reverse gear?

  • Way to go Ingleside Terrace! REPRESENT!!!

  • I’ll bet none of these people shoveling threw snowballs at the trucks….

    Just Sayin’

  • @Ah, I’ve never seen a plow with a blade on its rear, so reverse probably wouldn’t have gotten them anywhere.

    • ah

      If they were plowing, why would it be such a problem? That is, shouldn’t they have already removed the snow behind them?

      • When the first plow came through, he (or she) wasn’t plowing…I think they were throwing salt down. That part of Ingleside has just enough grade to it to make it tough to get up the hill.

  • I live on Newton, just a block over from Ingleside. We’ve got a nursing home on the block and several times over the last few days trucks have gotten stuck trying to deliver supplies.
    I’m hoping that once the plows got out (and up that hill), they made it around the block!

  • What are these “snow plows” that you speak of? I have not seen such a thing.

  • Shouldn’t all snow plows and tow trucks just stay away from residential streets that haven’t been plowed at this point? I just spent the last 3 hours watching a city salt truck/plow be unstuck from the street in front of my apt in MtP (on Kilbourne). That is 3 hours involving two city trucks/plows and several city employees that could have been spent plowing/salting major streets.

  • Believe it or not — and this is crazy — one of the drivers said they weren’t allowed to put their plows down, because “It damages the street.”

    Kind of ironic that all week we’ve been waiting for a plow, only to have the street cleared by residents!

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