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  • Tai Shan is great for take-out. They know the drill. You walk in, look at a menu and order what you want. They have a bunch of chairs where you can sit and pretend to read the newspaper in Chinese.

  • hmmmm i walk by this place all the time

  • The food isn’t really isn’t that good, but I enjoy the authentic Chinese vibe. Lazy susan on the round tables, white dingy walls, fake flowers everywhere covered in dust, pieces of paper taped to the walls, and waitresses who don’t give a crap. All of which I feel are reasons to go there.

  • As for the zoo question, de poor baby anteater never got no love from those camera-wielding panda-humpers…

  • I used to go here all the time until I started to see roaches and other bugs all over. Now I’m too grossed out to go back.

  • There was literally a film of MSG covering my face after eating here. Beware of brown sauce. God knows what we smelled like to passersby

  • I’m not a huge fan. Been there a few times but been underwhelmed. The food is tolerable but, like most places in DC, not really that good.

    When I want Chinese food, I just go to Silver Spring one weekend morning for dim sum at Oriental East. Far better than anything I’ve ever eaten in the District (and cheap, too!)

  • ah

    Hey, now, where’s the love for Mei Xiang and Tian Tian?

  • Screw the pandas! Anteaters are go!

  • Went there tonight, actually, for the first time. Funny thing seeing this now.

    It was average. Better than Szechuan House around the corner. I’m going to try Full Kee next time. This was okay, and the service was surprisingly good, but I think I can do better.

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