Judging Brunch – Wonderland


We are no strangers to discussing good brunch options. But I’ve walked by this sign at Wonderland (11th and Kenyon) many times and it occurred to me that I’ve never actually had brunch there. I’ve had some tasty quesadillas but never had the waffles. So I’m intrigued by the idea of free waffles. How are they? How’s the brunch in general?

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  • I’ve had an overly salty hamburger there and vomit inducing chili cheese fries.

  • The “brunch” is a couple of waffle irons and a bucket of batter, where you make your own. I go more for the bottomless mimosas.

  • they have the worst bloody mary’s I’ve ever had

  • As much as I love Wonderland, especially during the day when it’s mostly neighborhood people, the thought of eating breakfast/brunch there is really unappealing. Their food is pretty nasty to begin with, I couldn’t imagine trying to choke it down while hungover on a Sunday.

  • I had brunch here one Saturday about a month ago and found it to be exactly what I needed!

    It wasn’t “brunch” in the typical sense (The food wasn’t horribly overpriced and over executed). However, the breakfast sandwiches were greasy and cheap, the price was right, the bottomless mimosas did the trick, and there was no wait. I would definitely recommend Wonderland for a simple, cheap, and unassuming post-hangover option.

  • Got kicked out of there about six months ago when I got pretty loaded, grabbed the pitcher and had the biggest mimosa ever. All over the place. Yow.

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