I Know It’s Snowsanity but Look A Michael Jackson Shrine!


This is incredible! Thanks to a reader for sending:

“Michael Jackson shrine house located at 922 8th Street NE.”

I hope it survives the storms…


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  • Shamon’! OW!

  • I don’t get how so many people celebrate a pedophile– Give me a break. So he was a good musician and dancer, would you trust your child with him? I’m not celebrating the fact that he is gone. But I’m certainly not going crazy at his loss either. People seem to forget the bad side of it all.

    • A couple cliches come to mind. If you don’t have anything nice to say… Don’t speak ill of the dead… Leave MJ alone already… Go build a snowman… Ok, more than a couple.

    • Forget the bad side of it all? He was never convicted, and found innocent both times.

      • Technically speaking he was found “not guilty” as the law does not find people “innocent.” But yes, there was never any concrete proof he molested children. The courts therefore give him the benefit of the doubt; we as individuals can choose whether to do so.

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