Green Line Professionals Meetup on Friday


From Wayan:

Do you work from home? Are you just plum tired of cabin fever after a week of Snowpocolypse DC? Wanna break out of the house for an afternoon of camaraderie with fellow work-from-home professionals?

Then join your fellow Green Line Professionals this Friday at Domku!

Green Line Professionals
February Happy Afternoon
Friday, Feb 19, 1-5pm
Domku Restaurant
821 Upshur Street, NW

Its an afternoon catch-up for folks to share the love (and hate) of the home office. You don’t need to be there the whole 4 hours – drop by when you can pry yourself from those oh-so-fun conference calls.

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  • Shouldn’t a “professional” be embarrassed to send out an email containing a really basic punctuation mistake?

    • Maybe you should go to the meet-up and help him work on his punctuation skills, since you’ve already been so generous to offer up your advice.

    • @anonymous – Does it make you feel vastly superior to point these things out?

      • No, not really. It does make me wonder about the state of education, though, and how people can get to a certain point in their career without knowing something so basic. If I saw that on a resume, I’d toss it in the trash immediately because clearly the person doesn’t pay enough attention to detail. And if you’re advertising a meet-up/networking group for professionals, I’d think you’d want to look professional yourself.

        • Something tells me you’re not someone who is likely to ever be in charge of looking at resumes, so I guess we really don’t have to worry about that, now do we?

  • i’m often tempted to check this out… but alas, my home office dress code is significantly more lax than generally allowed by law in public…

  • I’m pretty sure it was a typo. Don’t worry about it.

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