Dear PoP – What’s Going on at Seafood & Things?

Cat Nap 022310

“Dear PoP,

I don’t know if you have addressed this, but the restaurant Seafood & Things on Upshur is still closed despite it’s door placard stating it would reopen after the Christmas holiday.

I walked by today and to my surprised found a yellow tabby napping on the counter INSIDE…see pictures…
My concerns are 1)is the restaurant permanently closed and 2) is someone feeding/caring for the cat???”

Perhaps they have gone the way of nearby Beveragemania open one day and closed the next. Does anyone know if they have permanently closed? For the record I’ve had a pretty good crab cake sandwich from them. I’m not sure if seeing a cat in there is a good sign or a bad sign…

Seafood & Things is located at 847 Upshur Street, NW.

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  • pffft – i don’t care if this place closes. i ate lunch there a few times. first time my chicken sandwich was seriously undercooked – second time they couldn’t get the credit card machine to work – third time i was given the worst pizza ever

    the lady/co-owner is nice but is rarely there – just two cooks

    BTW there are ALWAYS cats in that place – I can remember seeing cats wandering around the back on more than one occasion

  • The cats are to feed on the rodents, I assume. That’s what bodega cats are for, I assume that works the same way in this situation.

  • Animal Control came by to check on the cat. He’s definitely eating, and some of the neighbors on Upshur said that the restaurant owners are coming in to feed him. I don’t know if Animal Control ever got in to take the cat away or if they gave up, but they definitely said they were going to contact the owners about it.

  • I see that cat sitting on the window everyday. Either there are a lot of rodents or someone is feeding him cause he’s pretty chubby.

  • I have to question the cleanliness of a restaurant that lets cats run around in it.

  • I actually would be more inclined to eat at a restaurant with a cat than one that has rat poison in every corner.

    I recently read a story that NYC health department inspectors ignore issuing violations for cats just for that reason.

    I just hope the cat is getting some attention and love.

  • As a cat owner and someone who took rat poison for 4 months (cumodin), I’d be more concerned about the health of having a cat that eats city rats (plague, fleas, rabies) in my restaurant than the rat poison itself. Rat poison isn’t a neurotoxin or anything that will cause you trouble. You’d have to eat the stuff pretty consistently in large quantities to have an effect on you and the effect would be reversible with an ER visit.

    That being said, I don’t have any problem with a cat in a restaurant as long as it’s not fighting me for the nigiri.

  • I think the cats qualify as “things” under the name “seafood and things.”

  • LOL!! nice one.

  • I have learned so much from this post and the accompanying comments…

  • What do you think the “Things” are? They are quite possibly plumping up kitty for the reopening after which we may not see kitty in the window anymore.

  • Is there really something called CUMODIN!

  • the way this pic was taken, it looks like the cat is a big stuffed animal.

  • Love cats, glad he’s being fed, but the primary question (at least for a post under POP’s Restaurants section) is “1)is the restaurant permanently closed[?]” Anybody have an answer?

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