Dear PoP – Police Activity at Florida and Sherman

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A couple of readers are wondering what was going on this morning:

“When I left for work a bit before 9am today, there were several squad cars and police tape at the corner of Florida and Sherman.”


“On Sherman and Berry this AM (8:50ish), the police had Berry closed through Florida and there was a large group of very well-dressed folks milling around. Is there an event today?”

Anyone know what was going on?

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  • Yeah, I saw the same thing this morning and had no idea what was going on. Cops cornered everything off – there were even cop cars up in the parking lot of the big (sect 8?)apartment complex on the hill overlooking florida. Although the cops were standing behind their car doors with lights flashing, there were people all over the place and outside the Howard Univ service building. Odd for sure.

  • Florida ave was closed off from 11th st too, with lots of cop cars around. Anyone know what was up?

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