Congratulations Super Bowl Champs New Orleans Saints and Feds Enjoy Your Snow Day!


I recall there are a bunch of Saints fans in PoPville so congrats on your victory!

A few snow reminders for Monday. From WMATA:

“For Monday morning, Feb. 8, commuters should expect limited underground Metrorail service to start at 7 a.m., and very limited Metrobus service from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., as icy conditions on roadways and Metrorail tracks continue to be a barrier to providing safe service.

Limited service will be established tomorrow on the following bus routes in the District of Columbia: the U8 line (Minn. Ave – Capitol Heights), the 64 line (Georgia Ave-Petworth– Fort Totten), the 50 line (14th and Colorado Ave) the 70 line (Silver Spring – Archives), the S4 line (Silver Spring – Federal Triangle) the 30 line (Friendship Heights – Potomac Ave) and the A line (Southern Ave to Anacostia). In Northern Virginia, the 16 line (Pentagon – Baileys Crossroads) the 1C line (Dunn Loring), 2C line (Dunn Loring), 17 line (Braddock Road) and 28 line (Alexandria – Tysons Corner). In Maryland, the Z2 and Z8 line (Silver Spring), the Q line (Silver Spring-Shady Grove), the Y line (Silver Spring –Norbeck Road), the F1 and F2 line (Takoma – Cheverly), the J2 line (Bethesda – Silver Spring), the J7/J9 line (Bethesda – Lake Forest Mall), and the P12 line (Eastover – Addison Road).”

Federal Government Closed.

DC Public Schools Closed.

DC Government Open.

From DDOTC – “FREE parking at DC USA garage extended another 48 hours. Exit by 12pm on Wednesday to avoid paying fees.”

What are you going to do with your snow day?

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  • Dig out some fire hydrants, count snowflakes, and listen to some cool grooves.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Who dat? nobody

  • If the movie theatre at Gallery Place is open, I may spend the day watching movies! Hopefully 5 million other people don’t have the same idea…

  • once again Fenty shows that his ego is running the city. he waits until the last minute to close the schools (a simple decision given the circumstances) and then still keeping the dc govt open – when half of his workforce won’t be able to make it in b/c of the closings of the outdoor metro stations and treacherous roads. when is the next election??

  • I don’t get a snow day. I had to call my supervisor and told her metro is running limited service so no buses and king st metro is closed. I won’t be able to get there.

    There’s another storm on the way tmw. This is going to be a bad week.

  • Working from home….

    12 years after I got my first email address, the federal government still can’t figure out how to empower it’s employees to WFH without letting the Chinese Government in. Enjoy the day off…and remember to shovel something today.

  • I hope the federal government is closed tomorrow (Tuesday) as well!!!

  • fetal position

  • thank you, fenty, for keeping the government open today even though busses aren’t running, no above-ground metros are open, and underground metros have limited service. there are 3 of us in our office today – think that’s worth it??

  • Here’s a little interesting nugget from the columbia heights listserv. Apparently we have to “request” plow service:

    “I was under the assumption that the District would remove excess snow from
    residential streets after the emergency routes were plowed. We found out after
    calling 311 that they will not plow unless a request is made using the 311
    number. Don’t assume anyone called for your street. If you need it plowed call
    now, as it takes 48 hrs.”

  • So, I will spend the day trying to find a shovel since mine was stolen from my porch. Any leads? So far, I’ve heard no shovels at Giant and Target. Pfeiffer’s will have shovels on Wednesday but that won’t help me get my car out tomorrow.

  • I will be relaxing on the couch, watching bad daytime TV and drinking Hot Cocoa. What else is there to do?

  • I am at work. The 64 bus is running, albeit slowly. My coworkers were put up in hotels and had to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches at work this weekend, ha ha!

    Enjoy your day and no belly aching allowed!

  • WHO DAT!!!!!GEAUX SAINTS!!!!!!

  • I wanted to run out of the house wen the Saints won but was afraid of slipping down the stairs (in my PJs) and hurting myself. Damn snow ruined my celebration plans.

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