Capital City Diner Soft Opening – Official Opening Tuesday


Capital City Diner will open Tuesday at 1050 Bladensburg Road, NE. This is the place they brought down from upstate NY. There was a soft opening this weekend and I think I’m still full from Friday night. Of course I did have the “Super Happy Fat Boy Breakfast”. And it lived up to the name, I was super happy and most definitely fat:


You can check out the menu from City Paper’s posting last week.

This is a great little spot. And it is indeed small. It probably can fit 20 at the counter and there were maybe 6 or 8 booths. The staff was super friendly and you really feel like you’re back in the 50s with the old school decor.


It’s a little bit of a walk from the H St, NE bustle but definitely worth a trip for an authentic diner experience. I only wish they opened a bit closer to where I live…

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  • Looking forward to dining at an establishment that is not a haven for hobo apologism.

  • I just hope the food is real diner food that you can get on the side of a state highway in upstate NY or PA that has honest and delicious pancakes and eggs made on a grill that could use a bit of cleaning ( which makes it taste so great ) and uses REAL BUTTER —

    I will be mad if it turns into some diluted yuppie nostalgia where you get scrambled egg beaters made on organic vegan butter substitute.

    These diners are not about the decor – they are about the delicious food. I will remain cautiously optimistic.

  • I went there on Sunday it is definitely real diner food. I am going to reserve my complete judgement because it was the soft opening. The food was good will go back again sometime, however, not sure it was so good that I would make what is a pretty long trek.

    The service staff was very friendly and although it was a soft opening it was running very smoothly.

    Definitely worth another trip when they are up and running at full speed.

  • a lot of us who live in trinidad are really excited at our first sit-down restaurant in the neighborhood in a long long time. i went with a group this weekend and thought the food was excellent—and the portions are enormous. you’ll definitely get your money’s worth.

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