A Reader Hommage to Tree at Grant Circle and How High Will it Go?


Thanks to a reader for sending, I hope it doesn’t lose any more limbs. I’m getting very worried with all this wind.


And how high will it go? Everyone all set on food and booze?

Please check on your elderly neighbors to make sure they are ok.

Let’s take new bets on when people will have to go back to work, particularly as rumors of another storm for Monday are circulating…


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  • someone should shake the tree or at least the low branches. shake that snow off before it breaks

  • Wow already up to near 37, see link for winds at DCA…


    Let’s get out there and knock some snow off that cedar.

    Plenty of booze, big lack of single women at my place!

  • No work until next Tuesday (please)!!!

    And to the guy with Maryland plates that just went down our street in his jeep, thanks for throwing your open cans of Modelo beer into the snow. Very classy.

  • gusts to 45+? cold air packs quite a punch too

  • Prince Of Petworth

    A reader reports that the Columbia Heights Giant is closing at 6pm.

  • Do you know what sort of tree it is? There was a huge Magnolia in our back yard that looked like a lost cause after the first storm last weekend, but with the small amount of melting we saw a couple days ago, it miraculously bounced back to its normal shape. I would imagine that different types of trees have varying degrees of flexibility under this much snow.

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