Worst Way To Wake Up on a Monday Morning


“Dear PoP,

Every time I get into my comfortable “I love my hood” zone (Petworth). Something like this happens.
My first experience after reaching my comfort zone was a break in to my back yard where a bike that was supposed to be a gift for a poor kid was stolen. I got over it eventually and settled back into my comfort zone only to come home and see that someone had ventured around my back yard again and onto my second floor porch. (no break-in). Now this.”

Apparently this has been reported by a few folks around town. Seems to occur at the very early hours in the morning. Not sure what you can do to avoid this besides using locking lug nuts. This just sucks.

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  • I did have one tire stolen once. I was irked to put it mildly. However, they did leave the lug nuts!

  • is it bad that I find this stuff funny? same thing happened to my ride a while back but was a much smaller town. people steal, move to the subs or get over it.

    • Absolutely, it’s bad karma. When something really sh*tty happens to you, you’ll remember writing these words.

    • re: the gospel according to nonesuch…

      Why do these chromosome-deficient lizard humpers all seem to suggest that “the subs” don’t have crime? The next time some squad of teenage gas-huffing stormtroopers rip out your testicles to flavor their coffee, we’ll smugly remind you that it has something to do with living within city limits. It’s how we roll, not being in the “subs.”

      It’s just an orgy of destruction down here, it’s AWESOME. We all just take turns bludgeoning each other’s property and knifing everybody, it’s like a big ol’ BLOOD PARTY down here. Whoo-ee! I wonder who’s fistful of HAIR I have here? Who cares? Goddammit it’s been at least half an hour since I’ve kicked babies!

      Strange, since nonesuch mentions that his tires were stolen as well, in a smaller town. What batshit lunatic self-contradictory sleep-commenting is this?!?! The subject of the post clearly has a healthy attitude about his/her neighborhood. We certainly don’t need that kind of POV leaving for the “subs.”

      now…where was I? Oh yes…

      • Yeah this stuff happens everywhere and I was offbase by saying get over it or move to the subs.. My buddy had his crown vic hubcaps stolen in falls church. But i was responding to the original post and his comfort zone. Also- try not to take me so seriously and get off my dick.

    • i thought this happened in small towns too. what do the ‘subs’ have to do with it, Serpico? i’m sure living in a place where there’s gritty crime is the coolest thing that’s happened to you.

  • When I lived in Brookland, we had problems with people stealing license plates. And what do you think you do with your car in the meantime? It’s not like you can drive it to the DMV, or anywhere.

    Good old DC.

    • GiantSquid

      And when I lived out in the middle of nowhere Connecticut, people stole license plates too. It doesn’t matter where you live, there will be jerks.

  • is it bad that when someone says something stupid like ‘move to the subs or get over it’ that i kind of wish they would get their kneecaps demolished by some thug with a crowbar? thats after the thug has taken their wallet and ipod of course… you know, just a little insult to injury for the hell of it!

  • It’s not just DC (come on people).

    Folks steal things all over the place. In Philly, they used to have a huge problem of people using tin snips and cutting the registration/expiration stickers off of license plates.

    Went to a conference out in Washington state and the local forestry guys talked about an entire bridge being stolen from a remote are a of a state park because the secondary market for aluminum is huge.

    Just recently, nationwide (with several reports from suburban Metro parking lots) people are stealing catalytic converters out of cars….

    • yeah, they really don’t steal things everywhere.

      My parents’ neighborhood has had one single non-domestic shooting since it was founded in 1958. One. They’ve had no reported muggings ever. None. There are burglaries but they are infrequent, maybe 2-3 a month. My parents claim there were four home invasions, all from about 1968-1978 and nothing since or before. They cannot remember any carjackings or car thefts either. There have been some small arsons, an explosion once, and some known drug use.

      There have been fights, assaults, burglaries and vandalism at the high school and junior high but nothing outside those grounds.

      I know people like to say that these things CAN happen everywhere, but they happen here much much more than Montgomery County. There’s a huge difference between can happen and does happen.

      • Yeah, and there is a huge difference between happens occasionally and happens all of the time. These kinds of posts bring out the people who claim that this kind of thing happens all of the time in Petworth and Columbia Heights. In fact, it doesn’t. It sucks when it happens, but it’s not endemic to either neighborhood. And acknowledging that fact is not being in denial, it’s being honest.
        In the past three months there have been twelve attempted or actual carjackings in Capitol Hill. One happened in the most expensive part of Capitol Hill at 3pm on a Saturday afternoon in broad daylight. I’m sure if you went to the Capitol Hill blogs there would be people complaining about what a violent cesspool that neighborhood is, even though crime is very rare compared to other parts of the city. It’s all about having some perspective.

    • someone used tin snips to snip the “registration on windshield” stickers off of my DC plates a few years back. i never understood why.

  • I think shrugging your shoulders and saying “oh, well” or “move to the burbs” is the worst solution – mainly because it’s not one.
    Report *everything* to the police. Bug them until they do something. I know it may not feel effective, but in the long run it could be, which a thousand times more than I can say for just giving up or chalking it up to “city living”. At least they’ll be made aware.

  • This happens all over, sub or city. Get Locking lug nuts, only 10 – 20 dollars to save yourself hundreds. Just make sure you keep up with the lug key.

  • Ok, so this is my car. Yes, I have to get 4 new rims and tires and yes I will be puting locking lug nuts on this time, $60 for the set of 4. (didn’t know they existed before)I do still have all the lug nuts they left behind. I will settle back in to my comfort zone and I will not be scared out of the city. Oh, and thank you Christopher, I thought the same thing.

    • Sorry that this had to happen to you. Friggin savages. Something similar happened to a friend of mine in Chicago. they took her four tires. And then a week later took her car battery. And this was in Oak Park, which is lo tmore like Cleveland or Woodley park than Petworth. So this kind of crime really can happen anywhere, city, burbs, etc.

  • Have a client that had her airbags stolen out of her Honda in… McLean. Nothing to do with DC proper or gentrification… there is a secondary market for almost everything, so being a relatively new car, unfortunately means relatively new tires… or you just got new tires and the guy that put them on has your address, so after he sold you new tires he told his boyz to get them back… have heard of this before as well.

  • Also- to avoid this from happening in the future you could
    a- gain some street cred or
    b-stop flossing in the Chrysler 300

    • yeah, you gotta earn that whip son! smack a few hoes, sling some rock, and pack some heat! all you gddamn white people up in here actin like you gonna move up in the hood without payin your dues first… you MIGHT be able to get away with a few weeks of peace after this, but then well be back fo yo tv and yo xbox fool… welcome to the big city!

      • you trying to be funny or make a point?

      • I think Christopher must be a meek white girl and just making up this rhetoric. Seriously.

        If not, what lame vibes to be on PoP. Is that really what tough-rough-black people think in this city about some of their friendly or not-so-friendly neighbors of fair-skinned-country-decent?

        • im actually a not so meek white man, and yes, i was just making up that rhetoric to make a point. anyone who has the opinion that crime happens and we should all get over it also validates my post. what kind of person would have the level of disrespect as to steal rims off of a car in the middle of the night? the same kind of person who would have the mindset of what i posted. who would excuse that kind of person as just playing their role in an urban environment, and then stand aghast that their fair skinned brethern would mock said person? an idiot with white guilt.

  • Unfortunately, for the guy that this happened to, there is more to it than just new rims and tires. He has to make sure that they jacked it up properly so there is no damage, and that the front end didnt sustain any damage when it cantilevered over. Really sucks.

  • The same thing happened when I lived in Takoma Park, MD years ago, but the guys who stole the wheels and tires off my roomate’s ten-year-old Honda Prelude only took the two on the street side of the car. From the house, you could not tell the car had been tampered with – quite a shock for the roomate when he tried to leave for work.

  • Wow, this is one nice thing about owning a car from 1991.

    I will be buying a new car in a few months. I’m glad I learned about people steeling tires and locking lug nuts.

    I can’t imagine buying used tires, how much of a market is t here for stolen tires?

  • These wheels were stolen not for the tires, but for the rims, I am more then 99% sure that they were shiny, clean and new. If you get that kind of rims, be ready to replace them pretty often as other people *who like shiny rims* but cant afford them will take them. We live “in the burbs” and we had an identical 300 that had the identical thing happen to it, and yeah, those rims were nice and shiny. The owner was smart and put regular tires and regular hub caps on. Then it happened to a nice Escalade that also had 22’s and shiny rims, but that owner was not that smart and put similar ones back. Too bad he sold the car soon after that because I would have enjoyed seeing the second set stolen as well just to prove how dumb this guy is for getting the similar ones the second time. (that guy is a huge assh*le, btw)

  • There are a bunch of wheel shops around the area. You might want to check to see if any of them have your rims. If so, report them to the cops.

  • This happened to me years ago when I lived on Capitol Hill. They only took one wheel though. They also left me the jack, so I lost a wheel but gained a jack. No big deal.

    Get used to theft though, the economy isn’t going to rebound anytime soon, perhaps not ever, and people will be getting more desperate. Couple that with a corrupt police force and I’d expect things to get worse before they get better.

  • if you live in the city, you need to be driving a beat-up-lookin’ hoopdie that runs well. most everything else will get vandalized or stolen. the end.

  • That happened to my roommate a couple of years ago when we lived in Arlington near East Falls Church Metro. You kind of wish the bricks had given way and trapped the bastards.

  • Someone did this to my elderly neighbor’s beautiful old cadillac – except instead of bricks they used milk crates. By morning, the crates were crushed under the weight of the car and the car was literally on the street. It had massive damage and I think his insurance ultimately declared the car totaled.

  • Sorry about your car, and I’m sorry about everyone telling you stuff can happen anywhere.

    Man you people are a bunch of fucking idiots. Does it make you gentryfing morons feel better to say that stuff can happen anywhere. Yeah you’re right, stuff can happen anywhere, that means that the fact that I paid 500,000 for a house in the middle of a crime ridden cesspool next to a crackden wasn’t a bad idea. A quick glance at any reliable crime stats would show that while the crime rate in Potomac and McLean isn’t zero, its pretty close. Sure stuff gets stolen there every few months, as opposed to every few minutes. But why don’t you just keep your heads in the sand, stuff can happen anywhere right? Yep, that’ll make you safe. I don’t know which is worse, the people who are so stupid they believe that shit, or the people who say it out of white guilt?

  • You would think that particular model of car would be relatively immune from street crime considering who they’re usually driven by.

    On the plus side, DC police are known for not giving tickets to Chrysler 300s, especially when double-parked outside Baptist churches.

  • my old car parked in the Macarthur blvd had it rear light lenses yanked right out. Every one of the other cars had same thing happen to it that same night.

    My old car was stolen in Ballston.

    My chainsaw was stolen off the porch in rural Virginia.

    Urban, exurban, blighted and vigorous communities alike suffer from thieves white, black, brown and everything in between.

    Nice shot, should have been quote of the day.

  • Um…why assume this was theft and not a repo?

    Four guys took the rims off my neighbors SVU around 5:30am last Wednesday morning. He called a tow truck and not the cops. And they were some mighty fine rims.

    • Having read all the way through the comments…I retract my question about the picture. My neighbor, OTOH…not so much.

  • Our car was stolen right out of our driveway in broad daylight. While we read our 3-year-old a bedtime story.

    We lived in Laurel at the time. This was after we’d moved there from Oxon Hill, which is so close to some of the more unsavory parts of SE that it might as well have been IN SE, where we were never once the victim of crime in 3 years.

    The suburbs got nothin’ but window dressing.

  • Is that Awvee Storey’s car?

  • knock on wood, I have never had anything stolen from my house’s front porch and I don’t chain anything up. My car…i have accidentally left open several times and no thefts — note I live near the Park Morton :0

    Now my sister lives in the sticks of Olney MD and she has had things stolen from her yard including a child’s Playskool mini basketball hoop…now who would steal that? And she and her neighbors have had kids mangle mailboxes and get eggs thrown at cars and garages.

    So given those examples the burbs seem worse than the city.

  • Depends on which suburbs you’re talking about. In 18 years I can’t ever remember hearing about a serious crime in the town I grew up in with a population of about 20,000. Based on DC violent crime stats we should have had like 6 people getting killed a year. Never heard of anyone getting mugged, but I know several people who have here. Never heard of a car getting broken in to, but it’s just about the rule here. Not saying I want to live anywhere else, but I don’t see why people insist on saying that there is teh same amount of crime everywhere.

  • Depends on which suburbs you’re talking about. In 18 years growing up I can’t ever remember hearing about a serious crime in the town I grew up in with a population of about 20,000. Based on DC violent crime stats we should have had like 6 people getting killed a year. Never heard of anyone getting mugged, but I know several people who have here. Never heard of a car getting broken in to, but it’s just about the rule here. Not saying I want to live anywhere else, but I don’t see why people insist on saying that there is teh same amount of crime everywhere.

  • I say DC bans Chrysler 300s. If you keep an eye on crime in everyblock, you will see the same blocks hit with the same kind of crime. In my area, 600 block of Buchanan – Emerson was hit with a series of car break ins. Same guys doing the crime, but for about two weeks, they took whatever they wanted. Why didn’t the cops figure out who was doing it after a couple of days and catch them?

  • I lived in northern VA for about 10 years, and I had my car broken into once. I’ve lived in Columbia Heights for 6 years, and I’ve had my car windows (different ones each time) broken three times, my gate grafittied, two pots with mini evergreens and x-mas lights stolen off of my front stairs, and my roommate’s car was hit twice – once by a drunk dude who abandoned his stolen car afterwards, and then later totaled (along with two other cars) by an SUV involved in an attempted shooting. Doesn’t make me want to run for the suburbs, but it is definitely disheartening.

  • This is why we can’t have nice things

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