What’s the Word on Tomatillo Taqueria?


Tomatillo Taqueria is located at 1347 Connecticut Ave NW serving out of the Big Hunt space. According to Yelp it looks like it has been open since October and their users seem to like it. What’s the word here? Anyone try them out yet?


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  • Oh yes. Super tasty. The wait can be a bit long since it is just the one guy doing it all – taking orders, cooking, taking money – but since he added a helper a while back, things have picked up a bit. I like to get three tacos, all different. The guac is goooooooood.

  • Did the BH close?

    • No, the Big Hunt allows these guys to operate out of their Conn Ave window on the street when the BH is normally closed during the day. I did a complete double take the day they opened.

      Burritos are quite good, and much better than Chipotle for the money. Waits have gotten pretty long since they first opened, so I haven’t stopped by recently.

  • Tasty indeed and no extra charge for guac. my burrito was $7 and didn’t make my tummy explode like chipotle.

  • Their burritos are pretty good. Personally I still have a preference for Chipotle, but this is a nice way to mix things up. Well worth checking out.

  • Tomatillo is freakin’ awesome. It’s best to go around 1 or so. They close at 2, but that way you can beat the rush. Also it’s worth the wait.

  • This place is amazing! Kicks the stuffin’ outta’ baja and chipotle! They close too early, but get there and do a burrito. the chicken is killer and the hot-butt(?) sauce is screamin’good. (pretty cheap too)

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