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This apartment is located at 1334 13th St. NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Our 1 bedroom, 1 bath English basement apartment in Logan Circle is available. The apartment has a full kitchen, washer and dryer, and access to a back patio/yard. The apartment is small, but is in a great location just south of Logan Circle. Water is included and tenant will pay for electricity. The apartment is available March 1st, and may be available earlier if someone is interested in moving in earlier. Rent is $1150 per month, and we are looking for a 6-12 month lease and have flexibility on the term for someone who can also be flexible. We are hosting an open house on Sunday January 31st from 1PM EST until 2:30PM”

I know folks don’t love basement apartments but I was intrigued by the location and price. Seems pretty great to me. What do you guys think?

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  • That’s not a bad price at all. Heck, I might come a-callin’ when my lease is up in the fall. (Kidding. Maybe.)

  • I don’t mind English Basements, and the ceiling height there looks normal. What I do mind is CARPET. Ewww. Never rent a place that is carpeted. Just thinking about it makes me sneeze.

  • Not bad at all… 1150 is definitely a good price for a one bedroom in this location. Carpet isn’t such a bad thing – just get it cleaned when you move in and every couple of months. Not that expensive. Or buy a rug cleaner.

    I might check this out…

  • This is a REALLY good deal for this area. There must be something weird wrong with it…

  • It looks really small with nothing but basic outfitting. I’m gonna bet that why its cheap.

    I’ve been to several 1 bedrooms that are yes, 1 bedroom, but would have been far better off being a studio if you wanted to be efficient with the limited living space. Course you get less rent for a studio…even if it was more livable.

  • My guess one bedroom means studio in this case. You have to watch that around here. Price too good to be true…something is up.

  • This apartment is about 3 blocks north of the Associated Press office on 13th. I’ll post a printout in the newsroom kitchen 🙂

  • can you say T I N Y???

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