Wed. Afternoon Rental Option (Reader Suggestion)


This rental is located at 1920 10th Street, NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Recently renovated 1 bedroom apartment on the U St. corridor. This 1 bedroom apartment is located on the second floor and has recently refinished hardwood floors. This unit is spacious and has a lot of natural light”.

The reader writes:

“I found a Craigslist ad that I think would make a good Rental GDoN. I was kindof amazed at the price – $1250 for a 1br right by the U St Metro. I feel like there must be a catch…”

Is there a catch? Is $1250 for this location too good to be true?

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  • That is a ridiculous deal. When I was looking for a 1 bedroom apartment in May the best I found was around $1500 for the U street area (and it was an English basement and tiny, not really even technically 1 bedroom because there was no door to the bedroom). There must be a catch, right? If not, someone rent it, stat.

  • No central air and no dishwasher by the photos. It looks like a Fred A. Smith rental, which isn’t surprising. It seems they have a lot of lower-cost, no frills units in good locations.

  • I’ve been stalking craigslist for months now, and this has been up since around November at $1250. There’s got to be a catch if someone hasn’t snagged it by now.

  • I could be wrong, but it seems like this is part of a popular scam that pops up all the time on CL. Stock pictures from other postings are used and the price makes it a really great deal that you want to jump on. You send an email and you get a variation of the following:

    Hi, I am a (missionary, etc) that had to move with my family to (some exotic far away land). The place is available, send me a check for the first month and I will send you the key.

    • Ha, once in my callow youth I responded to one of those ads, and got the missionary-in-Africa routine, so I emailed back just to tell the guy I knew it was a scam. I got an short email back in Romanian, which I Babelfished and found out the guy had called me some very rude words. Got a good laugh.

      But I agree with quincycyclist below, the scam ones are usually more out of line (the one I responded to was $900 for a 1BR in a nice building in Cleveland Park). This seems legit.

  • Doesn’t look like a scam to me – usually those have rents that are ridiculously out of line.

    It’s listed on this website:

  • Forgot to mention: I agree that if this has been out there for a couple months at that price, there must be something wrong with it.

  • Sounds right, perhaps a bit on the cheap side. Probably an older building, though it doesnt indicate sq footage and or maybe it has a weird layout?

    • Yeah, I rent from Fred A Smith in CH, they’re good people. My 1 bedroom was initally 1200 a month now 1280 as of last July. It’s big but an older building and no frills (automatic nothing basically) but it has all the necessities. Pretty diverse but respectful group of people living there from singles to young families. I’m quite happy though ill be giving it up in July or August to go back to school. If anyone wants to move into a yellow apartment by the way let me know so I don’t have to paint it back 😉

  • maybe rent controlled?

  • i dont think this is out of line. Yeah, the new condos are like $1500, but older buildings with small rooms, wierd layouts, no AC, low end fixtures can be much cheaper.

  • it is a good location, but probably a bit noisy on the weekends. If it is the building I am thinking of it is on the memorial square, and doesn’t have much curb appeal, but seems to be OK from the outside.

  • I’ve seen prices like this for places with really bad utility bills.

  • I tried to look at this place for a friend back in November, and left more than one voicemail – the guy never called me back. Maybe that’s why it’s still on the market!

    It’s a great location but this building looks kinda shabby from the outside, and there’s always rats out there cause it’s pretty much on top of the Metro – maybe that’s why it’s so cheap! I live in a 1 bedroom a block away that’s 1425.

  • I live just up the hill in a full one-bedroom with a fenced in rear yard and a 2 car garage. It has central air, microwave, all utilities included, and is over 500 square feet. It rents for $1080. Its perfect. Huge windows in the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. I would not assume that this one is a hoax. Sometimes ya just get lucky.

  • I rent from Fred A. Smith rentals. I started looking for apartments BEFORE I moved to DC and found the one I’m currently in. I basically moved to DC and had the place within the first 3 days of being here.

    But it wasn’t the same unit I’d seen posted, just the same building. The company usually runs the same ad for the duration that it has a vacancy within the building, so don’t be freaked because it’s been listed for so long.

    Besides, Fred A. Smith is just the agency representing the landlords, doing the paperwork, taking the payments, etc. As far as I understand, my landlord owns the building and my landlord is pretty awesome.

  • They have what looks like another affordable 1BR in Petworth – too bad I’m not looking to move right now!:

  • $1200 for this is lots better than $2200 for that 2-bedroom early on in today’s posts…

  • Yeah i called this place. The reason its so cheap is because it doesnt have a washer/dryer in the building. You gotta walk your laundry to a laundrymat. Its been reduced in price, but it was a dealbreaker for me.

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