We Haven’t Looked at Rentals in a While


I don’t think I’ll make this a regular feature unless folks want it. But walking down 13th just north of U Street I saw this rent sign and thought it was a pretty good deal. Though I really don’t know if I could live in a basement again. I lived in one once and never knew what time it was…

For this sweet location does this sound like a good deal – $1525 per month.


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  • Please do more rentals! As someone who feels a lifetime away from every being able to purchase a home, rentals are of a lot more interest to me than places for sale.

  • Absolutely agree with Kristen. And there are a lot of us renters out there in PoP-land.

  • I want to third that! As much as I enjoy the regularly featured houses, a rental every now and again would really help with my never-ending apartment search. Thanks!

  • As GDON seems to be consistently the most popular feature, why wouldn’t you expand to rentals? Makes sense.

    As for that one, that is one scary-looking entrance. If the interior is as unkempt as the exterior, I’d say it’s a horrible deal. In order to make people feel comfortable about living in a basement, you really have to work on curb appeal. That’s a mistake people seem to make a lot — they figure it’s an inexpensive basement rental so it doesn’t have to be very nice. I think it’s the opposite: if you want a decent long-term tenant in a basement you have to make it really nice.

  • more rentals please!

  • I agree with everyone! It’s nice to see rentals. It gives us an idea of price ranges in certain neighborhoods.

  • Definitely would like to see more rentals also!

  • I second (seventh?) all of the above! Still getting used to the cost of living around here and this feature would help out a lot!

    FWIW, I think $1525 is a bit steep, judging from the exterior, but if the perks (W/D, private patio) are as nice as they sound, it might be a steal. Philly prices are still ingrained in my head, though ($525 for a studio in a petworth type area of town!).

  • I’ve been hoping you’d show some rentals! I need to find a new home…

  • Too expensive unless it’s huge. However, this basement does seem to have full-size windows.

  • Go with more rental posts.

    That place better be good and big on the inside for that price.

  • Another vote for more rentals…

  • I’d like to see more info about rentals. As a new homeowner in Petworth, I’d like to rent out my finished basement soon, and features such as this would help me determine a fair price for the right tenant.

  • Yeah, it would have to be really pretty inside to be worth THAT much. There are condo rentals that go for around that in Shaw. I pay $1,075 a month for a one bedroom in a building and I’ve got plenty of room. No Washer and Dryer in my unit, but….still. $1525 for a basement place seems way overpriced.

  • I rent in the area, and I think it’s a good deal for what you get – pets allowed, washer/dryer, large patio. That sounds reasonable to me. Unless maybe I just pay way too much for my rental.

  • a) That seems like a bit much. I know people in CH & MTP who pay a lot less for their basements, and the prices aren’t *that* far off.


    b) Do rentals! Yes! Not everyone wants to or can buy, but we still like a deal. And us renters are always considering moving…

  • Wow $1525 for a basement apartment in Shaw? Being a homeowner for 4+ years keeps you out of touch with the rental market. This is making me feel a lot better about my decision to buy.

  • Another vote for more rentals.

    I’d want bars on those windows though.

  • WOW! Makes me feel much better about the profit I can make when I decide to renting my 1 bedroom condo on 16th street in Mount Pleasant! It is a 3rd floor apartment with lots of windows and all new appliances and a jacuzzi tub – not patio but a fire escape 🙂 What are rent prices in the area like for something like this?

  • @ MegDC – prices can vary greatly in MtP, but the top I know most people paying for a studio is around $1000-1100, utilities included. So I’d say add a few 100 for a 1 bedroom, depending on availability of W/D.

  • I think rental prices are a little crazy in this town. It’s so craigslist-driven that honestly what you end up getting for your rental is often just a matter of what crop of people happen to be moving when you post.

  • That price is ridiculous. My last place was a basement apartment in Mt. Pleasant, and it was about $500/month less than the asking price on this place. Being this close to the action might command a slight premium, but if it’s anything less than gorgeous inside and someone pays more than $1100/month for it, they’re stupid.

    And let me say from experience, basement apartments are great for your first apartment in town, but trust me, you’re NOT going to want to stay there very long. They’re almost always dark, damp and musty, and there’s a good chance it’ll flood when the next big rainfall occurs.

  • I would love a rental feature, especially since I am trying to move in the next couple of months. In regard to that house, the outside says alot…I would never pay that much even if I could afford that. You could get a nice regular (non-basement) one bedroom in a nice area for 1500.

  • Too high I think. Above ground apartments in the same area are going for around $1250.

    Yes I’d like to see more rentals, too.

  • Even though I’m a homeowner I too would like to see more rentals featured. Gives me a good sense of how much to charge for renting out a bedroom, and makes me feel better about my mortgage.

  • You must have lived here for a few years. No way is that the going rate now for your unit if rented out!

  • No way would I pay $1500+ for a basement.

  • Without seeing the inside it’s hard to say yes they can definitely get it. But I’ll say this, for my unit I get significantly more for a large 1 bedroom (800 sq/ft) completely remodeled basement unit a few blocks over. Of course mine has lots of windows and high ceilings (9 1/2 feet) Before I remodeled it I got $1300/month for it. So yes, that is what you pay now in the U street corridor. If you really question the amount just try and get pricing on apartments at the Ellington right around the corner from this.

  • I think this is the listing: http://washingtondc.craigslist.org/doc/apa/1538208605.html

    The writeup is kindof funny: “If you are not familiar or a huge fan of U St, then this unit may seem to be too small for the price. If you would really like to be in the area (and only 1 block to the Metro, a couple pharmacies, a Yes Market, etc, etc, etc) and do not need a large living room or lots of closet space, then this unit is probably perfect for you.”

    Way to sell it. 🙂

  • I had three rentals in DC, a basement in Columbia Heights with W/D huge living room and kitchen. (Small bedroom though.) But still it was $950 a month in 2004. Another place in North Columbia Heights that was probably illegal but did have W/D and living, bedroom, and small office for $650 or so. And then my last place was in Petworth, old building, newly renovated. 2nd Floor, easy walk to two metro stations and half block from bus to Metro (or eventually the way to Farragut Square). When I left in August it was just going to go up to above $800.

    Unless you were the most insane night owl and needed and thus living just North of U Street would lower the hundreds you spend on Taxis a month? There’s no way in hell I’d pay that.

    I live in Brooklyn now and pay $1200 for a two bedroom, and almost moved to a bedroom and half place in East Harlem for $1300. All above ground. Highway robbery going on in the rental market in DC.

    • I used to pay $1100 for a 1 bedroom basement in CH, which was decently sized, but not worth it in the end. It was junky. 2 years ago maybe? And I wouldn’t think, given this economy, that rates have really gone up much since then. $1500 seems nuts, just to be near U St.

  • After seeing it I would say not worth it at $1525. I would say $1300/month including utilities. It is small, outdated and pretty standard. Best thing they got going for them though is the location. I love cheap rent too, but someone has to pay for the place. In my case it will be about 3 years before I make back the capital investment I just made in my lower unit. Some of the nicer, large houses in the neighborhood are going for close to 1 million. That means the mortgage/insurance/taxes payment each month is close to $6000. So who do you think pays for it?

  • Waaaay, too high, I know a couple people who rent 1 beds for around 1100 in the area, and 3 beds for like 2k, so it seems too much.

    and yes, please post more rentals.

  • i looked at that place in the summer… its pretty bad in there.

  • I’m glad POP is doing rentals now. This should be fun! That said, this appears to be another depressing basement apartment which is overpriced.

  • I’d love a rental feature – I need help finding a place and to be honest $1500 is crazytown for a dank basement apartment!


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