Warder Street in Park View Getting Another New Condo Building


We’ve looked at the two relatively new buildings on the 3500 block of Warder Street, NW. The rundown house in the middle has been torn down and a new condo building is set to go in the space. I wonder if they’ll paint it yellow? I’ll be sure to update as the building gets constructed and the units go for sale.

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  • Great, for increased density that helps on many levels. Not so great for those in the current buildings on both sides that are about to have their side views obliterated. Bummer for them, but in a broader civic sense of course I’m happy to see this.

  • This is a little puzzling, given that the building on the right still has a number of empty units. Still, whatever goes in there is bound to be better than the eyesore they tore down.

  • I think the unit on the right has been completely sold. I just saw curtains go up in one of the last units. Regardless of what color it is, I’m definitely excited to see the rat infested vacant house go!

  • Sheepprofessor- I live in the one on the right and it’s completely sold; has been for months.

    We previously had our view obscured by the dilapidated mess that was next door. I’d much rather be blocked by something that doesn’t look like a horror movie set. Looking forward to the new building.

    Also, I’m not certain which local crew was hired for the demo project on the old house, but they did a fantastic job. That thing came down in a matter of days, the crew was respectful of equipment use timing, etc. Major props there.

  • My classroom is right across the street from this!
    As Miss Biscuit said, yes, they did a quick job taking down the house. We have used alot of the pre-demolition of the house-when they got rid of trees on the property to have various teachable moments. Honestly, I do wish there were laws though that would protect schools during learning times. It is so loud my students can hardly hear me or think!

    On the flip side, I decided to talk to the man in charge of the building and got some info. There will be four condos. He did not tell me if it would be yellow! haha They are also going to have underground parking. He did mention that they will be planting about 15 trees to replace the ones they got rid of which was also nice to hear.

    I asked him if he would be willing to come in and talk with my students as they are very interested in what is going on. He is planning to come in, so I hope it pans out in a few weeks or so!

  • If that one on the left is a pop-up, it doesn’t look half bad in this photo.

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