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This another rental on the red line but I promise to hit a green line spot tomorrow! This one is located at “Rodman Street NW at Connecticut Avenue NW”:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“TWO BLOCKS to the Red Line, Cleveland park Metro Stop. Also several bus routes as the cross streets are Porter, Connecticut and Rodman. Tons of cafe’s, bars, restaurants, gyms, yoga studios. Short 4 block walk to the zoo, or take the bus line on connecticut… Rock creek park is literally a five minute walk away. Amazing location, really.

The apartment is full of windows, tons of character, carpeted, perfect for a couple or one person. Very large living room, giant kitchen which can easily fit a small table and some chairs. Tons of closet space. Cable ready.”

The original poster says the photos don’t do it justice but you can see a few here.

Does $1425 sound reasonable for this 1 bedroom?

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  • No dogs or cats blows. No more than a 1000

  • Ehhhh not too too bad, but it does look small in the photos. I think this is one you’d have to see in person to decide.

  • Dear PoP commentariat,

    I make $50,000 a year, but I couldn’t afford that on my own. Who can afford these pricey one bedrooms? How can rent be SO high in the District and surrounding area? Where do young people live who don’t make much $ and are still paying off student loans? Group houses? Does everyone live in a group house? How do you ever save enough to buy a place?


    Frustrated and Feeling Poor

    • Kalorini

      We’re all in debt, superdude!

    • I live alone in a studio for $1250/mo, and don’t make much more than you. Definitely living paycheck to paycheck. I feel like paying that much to live alone sure as heck beats living in the suburbs or living in a group house. Not saving much up, but with each annual govt increase and personal raise, the straps feels a little looser.

      Buying a house doesn’t have to happen as soon as you graduate. I’m not sure where the rush amongst all of my friends to buy buy buy comes from. I’m perfectly happy renting until I find a dream house and can actually afford it.

      Keep your chin up! Rent is pretty depressing here, but there are worse things in life.

      You sound like you could use a drink :-/

    • I make roughly the same and rented in brightwood for $795/month. saved for 2 years and bought a fixeupper for 160K in NE. my downpayment was only 9000 and now my mortgage is just a bit higher than my rent was.

    • Don’t worry you are not alone…I am in the exact same situation…which is why I will be renting a room in a group house in the very upper reaches of NW. Its almost impossible for a single person to make ends meet here, which is part of the reason I will be hightailing it out of this general region in the next couple years.

    • I am paying student loans, and I make a salary in that range, AND I live in a 1BR in Dupont Circle. I think it’s really about priorities. I don’t have a car, I don’t go on big vacations, and I don’t buy lots of expensive clothes/electronics/etc. If I really wanted any of these things, I’d be living with roommates. But to me, having my own space was a higher priority. My rent is the one thing I’m willing to be extravagant about, because my apartment makes me happy every single day.

      But I hear you on saving enough to buy a place. Gotta get out of student loan debt first…

    • $1425 is actually on the lower end of the price range for a 1BR in the nicer areas of NW.

  • Kalorini

    Most rentals will accept cats at a minimum. Rental companies like Borger will typically replace the carpet after each tenant, so I think that’s ridiculous. I’m in a Borger property now, and they have a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy about pets.

    And off-street parking available? Not in that area. Good luck finding that!

    Even if utilities are included, I think $1425 is too steep, but it does look like a decent, well-maintained place in a safe area.

  • I think $1400 for a one-bedroom in a nice neighbhorhood and close to metro is a typical price. I just looked at Craigslist and most 1 bedrooms in that area seemed to be in the $1400-$1800-ish range.

  • i basically ate ramen noodles for three years before i saved enough for a downpayment on my first place. i focused on work, working out, and studying the market while saving money.

    it’s all about priorities. NOTHING comes easy in dc. since 2004, i’ve owned my own home, and no longer eat ramen.

    depends on what you want, and what you’re willing to do to get it…. most folks i’ve known return to their home state, or move into the burbs. DC is not for everyone.

  • Unfortunately that’s the going rate. My guess existing renter is moving out, but pays $1,200 per month. Now that he’s leaving lanlord upped it. Avg. increase year over year in this range is about $100. I’ve been following for 4 years.
    I’m a renter! And will be a long long time I see. No way could I afford to buy in my neighborhood. It’s cheaper for me to rent and stay in my rent controlled building which I love!!

  • Your title “Tuesday afternoon rental” gave me the impression you were featuring a nice place to take your mistress for a few hours.

  • That seems reasonable, though I hate myself for saying it. I have friends who live in a one bedroom on Wisconsin & Macomb – still a nice neighborhood but way far from the Metro – and they pay $1500! Sucks that you have to be in a couple to make a one bedroom work, though.

  • I live in CP and that is totally reasonable for a 1 bedroom (albeit small) in the n’hood.

  • That is a totally reasonable rate for that location for a 1BR with decent sunlight.

    Bummer about the no pets policy. I don’t think it is fair to say ‘most’ rentals don’t allow pets. Quite a few do, especially cats.

  • That’s what I pay for my 1BR in Dupont Circle. Granted, my place is probably slightly smaller, but I *get to live in Dupont Circle* instead of the increasingly boring Cleveland Park (I used to live in CP, and I have much affection for it, but it’s not as lively as I like).

    But, one person’s bland and boring is another’s safe and welcoming. It’s not a great deal, but it’s not unreasonable.

  • sounds reasonable yes…but the kitchen leaves little to be desired.

    dc prices are absolutely ridiculous regardless!
    esp.if you are single. sure it is partly about priorities and what you can afford. however, i can live in a different city for less, and save and pay my student loan!
    sure, i will miss some things about the area, but i would also like to save some money too.

  • I hate when rental ads say “two blocks to the metro” when it is really NOT two blocks to the metro!

    It is really a waste of time on occasion – one time I was going to look at a place and it said three blocks from the metro. On block 5 I still was not there, so I just called and canceled the viewing.

  • This one actually is 2 blocks to the Metro. I lived a block away for 4 years, and, yeah, 1425 is about average for a 1-BR in the area. Great location, albeit an annoying walk to the Van Ness Giant, but if the apartment faces Connecticut, you’re going to hear a lot of noise from the fire station that’s just below Porter.

  • I pay about $1280 a month for a larget one bedroom in CH (~750 sq ft). But I’m not sure its worth it unless you relaly need your space like I do. $1425 at that location is completely unreasonable unless its a very new unit if you ask me.

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