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This rental is located at 661 Morris Place, NE:

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The craigslist ad says:

“661 Morris Pl — Spacious 2 story one bedroom condo, in a small, comfortable building on a quiet side street. Boasts 900 sq. feet of living space and is an easy and safe walk to Union Station (Metro). Features numerous closets and unique layout including a large, sunny livingroom with gas fireplace, spacious Master bedroom (11’x20’), and full bath downstairs plus half-bath on main floor. The kitchen has new appliances, including dishwasher. Central AC and heat and in-unit washer/dryer.

Pleasant location with easy parking, amongst single-family homes on lightly used one-way street.

Cat and Dog friendly building, all utilities except electric included. No smoking.”

Does $1600 sound reasonable for this 1 bed/1.5 bath?

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  • You could do a lot better in that neighborhood. I would expect $1000 for a 1 br or less

  • yes. too expensive. Pay no more than 1100

  • That’s insane. There is no way that I’d pay more than $1,100 for this.

  • seriously overpriced for that area. the 1,100 figure sounds much closer to reality.

  • no way. i live 7 blocks west of there (3rd and Mass NE) in a 1 bedroom on the top floor of a four story building and pay $1325. and not to be a braggart but my place is way cuter.

  • if it’s a basement, it’s not close to being priced well. 900 sq ft is a lot, though.

  • haha! clearly you naysayers don’t get out that often. the area is smokin’ and rents for anything don’t go for as cheaply as you folks think they should. two bedroom one bathrooms are going at the cheap end for $1800, fwiw.

  • Wow – I’m clearly not charging enough for my rental! 1/2 block from CH metro, 900+ sf, off-street parking, patio, all mod cons. $1,500. But I have great tenants and am not hurting. This rent does seem a bit vicious for the location.

  • i suspect the owners are hoping to get gallaudet students (two or three or more) to share the cost, which is why they’ve cranked it up to $1600 a month. i also suspect the owners may be gallaudet students or employees themselves. in any case, it is shamefully overpriced for that area.

  • Not. A. Goddamn. chance.

  • No way not for that neighborhood! Priced right for a 2 bedroom over there.

  • We rented a two-level, 1-bedroom, 1 bath place (with den) that was 1200 sf near there for $1800 a month four years ago. It was nearer to the Metro (on Third St) and we had a fabulous backyard and deck, too.

    But I’d point out all its amenities: central air, in-unit washer and dryer, fireplace.

    $1,600 isn’t out of the realm.

  • haha, thanks for the laugh PoP 😉

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