Tryst on 18th Street in Adams Morgan Launches New Cocktail Menu


And man am I drunk. Seriously I can’t read any of my notes at the moment. Tryst launched its new cocktail menu Thurs. evening. And it was great launch. I tried a few but by far my favorite was the “Demolition Derby (up) A riff on the classic Derby – gold rum, fresh lime juice and honey-spice syrup”. Beverage Director David Fritzler (pictured above), when pressed to recommend three favorites, suggested the Bitter Ex, Winona Ryeder and Ward 1. After the jump check out more photos and full list of cocktails.



“Tryst: Coffeehouse, Bar, Lounge opened in 1998 in the heart of Adams Morgan. With the motto “No Corporate Coffee, No Matching Silverware,” Tryst is known as Adams Morgan’s neighborhood coffeehouse as well as a pioneer in American Café/Coffee Culture. It’s sister restaurants are The Diner in Adams Morgan and Open City in Woodley Park.

Open Daily:
7am-12am (Sun),
6:30am to 12am (Mon-Wed),
6:30am to 2am (Thurs) and
6:30am to 3am (Fri-Sat).

Tryst has free live jazz Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights, monthly art shows and hosts various community events, benefits and parties.

2459 18th NW Washington DC 20009

the Tryst BAR Menu

Tryst is happy to introduce our new cocktail menu (and wonderful bartenders) to the public. Our 11 years in business have been an exciting time of growth and refinement for the craft beer and cocktail scenes as well as the specialty coffee industry, and we are excited to share these gains with the public.

This new menu brings skillfully made cocktails, derived from quality ingredients, out of the shadows of speakeasy style establishments and expensive hotel bars. We are proud to serve these noteworthy cocktails in the comfort of your neighborhood-gathering place. In addition to our emphasis on quality café cocktails, we have designed some refreshments geared toward daytime consumption.

Our new bartenders are J.P.Caceres, who has worked behind the bar and behind the scenes of many DC hot spots, including those of the Latin Concepts Group, for many years and Lana Labermeier, who brought DC the wonderful Big Bear Café and loves taxidermy chicks. They work with beverage director David Fritzler who has been at Tryst for 10 years after bartending in Portland, OR and is a member of the DC Craft Bartenders and US Barista guilds.



Weak at the Bee’s Knees (up) an aromatic twist on a sweet and citrusy, classic gin cocktail – we use 209 Gin,

St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur and fresh lemon juice 8

Bitter Ex (up) Beefeater, Campari, Cynar artichoke liqueur, fresh grapefruit juice & Angostura bitters help one forget past regrets 8

Ascot Race (up) Hendricks, Pimms, cucumber, lemonade and bitters 8


Ward 1 (up) fresh strawberries, lemon juice & basil, embellished with balsamic reduction 9


Winona Ryeder (up) Rye whiskey is sweetened with Averna Amero & spiked w/house sassafras bitters 9

Rusty Nail in the Coffin (rocks) peaty Laphroig scotch cut with Irish Whiskey and spiked w/ Drambuie & Absinthe 10


Demolition Derby (up) A riff on the classic Derby – gold rum, fresh lime juice and honey-spice syrup 8


Flying Spur (up) calvados, Dolin sweet vermouth, cider, cava & Peychaud’s bitters 9

Tequila, Mezcal

Smoke & Mirrors (rocks) Mezcal & Anejo tequila with fresh grapefruit juice, honey, and Aztec chocolate bitters 9″

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  • Why bother with cocktails? Tryst is always so busy as it is. Who wants to go there and be jammed packed in for a cocktail that’s probably overpriced.

  • I predict drunken brawls over couch space. Doncha just love people who stake out turf when you’re getting ready to leave and hover over you while you’re getting your stuff ready? This will be a bigger bloodletting than the great Saturday Night Jumbo Slice Massacre of Ought Seven.

  • I went there for the first time earlier this week. While I like the atmosphere their drinks hardly had any alcohol. I think I could have gotten a better buzz by licking Christopher Hitchens’ back sweat.

  • they need a roof deck or 2nd floor seating. considering there are almost always people waiting and hovering around for a seat, it oughtta work out well for them.

    and, yeah, I’d bet the cocktails are foofy, lite on the alcohol and over-priced.

  • I enjoy these types of posts where we get a sense of the state of mind while posting, in addition to the intended post description. Perhaps next a “Door of the Day While Undergoing Gut Wrenching Personal Anguish” or “GDON While Fighting Off Surging Diarrhea”.

    Context is King – Good Job, PoP!

  • I was eating a bagel with my daughter there yesterday about 7:30 and I noted the small type on the menu: “Try a cocktail with breakfast. Bar opens at 10AM.”

    Now I know where to go next time I have the shakes.

  • I see that Dave Stroup was there. Hey PoP, why didn’t you get raging drunk and kick his twee ass while you were there? It’s long overdue 🙂

  • Can anybody teach the bartenders/mixologists to speak English properly? Ordering drinks is a major task by itself; the latino bartender does not make things any easier.

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