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This apartment is located at 7th and Jefferson St. NW:

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The reader writes:

“I live at 7th and Jefferson St. NW and I’m thinking of renting the unit, I work in Alexandria and its a long drive. It’s a one bedroom unit, 600-700sf, I’m not sure exactly. The building was renovated in 2006, I’ve been the only one to live there. New kitchen appliances and countertop, dishwasher, washer and dryer in unit, hardwood floors. About equal distant between the Georgia Ave and Fort Totten Metro. One block to Kennedy St, 3 Blocks to Georgia Ave. One block to two bus lines. Ample parking, quiet street.

Anyway, my question is what people think of the rental market up north? I was thinking around $1200? Also, has anyone had any experience with using a management company for a single rental. And lastly, if anybody has any thoughts on accepting section 8 vouchers from tenants?”

Personally I think $1200 for a one bedroom that far north and that far from the metro is way too high an asking price. I’d think that $900 would be much more realistic. What do you guys think?

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  • Is this one of the nicer condo buildings on that street? If so I’d say $1000, $1050 if your lucky. I rented a 1 br a few blocks from there for $800 in 2007, rent increased to $830 in 2008. This was a small, simple unit with no ammenities.

  • Yeah, $1200 is way too much. It’s just way too far away from anything at all. $900-$1000 is more realistic, although I don’t know anybody who’d even consider it if it were $500.

  • 1200 is a fantasy price for that location.

  • $1,200 is way way too much and I highly suggest not getting involved with housing vouchers.

  • WAY too high. I don’t pay that much and I live right by the Columbia Heights metro. I’m slowly realizing that my position may be an exception, and I worry about when I have to relocate.

  • You can probably get $1000 for it if the renovations are nice. But $900 is probably more realistic. Honestly most people that are looking to save money will probably be looking for a share situation closer to downtown.

  • I agree with what others are saying. I don’t think anyone would want to pay that much to live in that area where it is not even super-close to the metro. I think $1000 is more realistic.

  • Are utilities included? I would think you could get $1050 if utilities are included or $1000 if they are extra. (I’m assuming this is not a basement rental, if it is, the price should go down a bit accordingly.)

  • Sorry to say, but do not take Sec. 8. I say this after 10 years experience with 4 apts. About half the tenants were alright, though tended to be rougher on the place than \real\ tenants – another 25% caused only $1-2,000.00 of damage/cleanup. But the rest were extreme trouble and one took a whole year to evict – with no rent paid at all.

    Sec. 8 tenants are not vetted, and if they become ineligible for the program (for a variety of reasons) while in your apt. the rent simply stops and eviction is entirely up to you.

    Bad program for anyone but a slumlord – Sad but true. If you want to help someone out however, there are other rental assistance programs. Talk to House of Ruth.

  • DO NOT DO SECTION 8!!! To this day I regret the day I signed the papers. I am as bleeding-heart as the next person but, it is one of the most abused systems out there. I rented to a family of 3, a mother and her two daughters. I even looked the other way when the boyfriend moved in since, he seemed like a quiet hard working guy and I thought it was a good idea for him to be around his kids. What I wasn’t ready for was her mother, brother sister and a baby showing up and staying. They knew the system better than I did and were careful not to have anybody present when the Housing Authority came to inspect. I could go on and on about the weed smoke through the vents that choked me at night or the loud music and kids up at 2 a.m. on a weekday. All I will say is DON’T DO IT!! Granted some regular tenants can be just as trifling but, I have had better luck going the traditional route.

  • You’re not catering to the $1200/month rental market in that location. about a 25 minute walk to the metro. i’d ask $1000 and maybe settle for $900

  • It’s hard to say without being able to see more photos of the inside, but if it’s renovated you could probably get $1100. Older, unrenovated 1BR apartments in that area seem to rent from $700 to $900. You can get a bit more if it’s in like-new condition, but once you get above $1200, then people can probably find better options closer to metro in (Petworth and Shaw).

    Anyone paying $1200 in U St., Columbia Heights, or other spots just has a great deal and would have a hard time finding anything like that today…

  • Fantasy price. No way.

    Quick CL Scan for ya:
    1 br apts:
    $1150 in Mt.P
    $1200 english basement in CH
    $905 next to fort totten metro, newly renovated
    $1100 above ground in CH
    $1175 in Adams Morgan
    … etc

    Prices really haven’t gone up in the rental market in the last 2 years or so. You could maybe get $900 from someone with a car who doesn’t want to be near anything…

  • I lived on 3rd a half block from NHA until August, a 15 minute walk to either Metro station. Second floor and renovated with a screened in porch: my rent was under $800. It was about to go over $800 and that’s made me decide I was spending too much to live in DC and moved to Brooklyn. $1200 is out of the question for that part of DC. Even a $1000 seems steep. (Paid $950 to live in CH in 2004 at the top of the market.) I’d say set your sites at $850 if it’s a nice re-do but be willing to go to $750.

  • I rent about 4 blocks away in a smallish basement for 900 with all utilities. I don’t think 1200 is reasonable at all.

  • 750-850…

  • I think you should try it at 1200. We’re getting 875 for a sort of halfway renovated basement in our rowhouse on 11th and Jefferson. And that doesn’t have a kitchen either.

  • Nor Kennedy or Jefferson are the best areas… i think $ 1200 is waaaay to much for that area.

  • There’s an apartment on the same block for 750. Might want to rethink the price

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