Thurs. Afternoon Rental – 14th and Clifton


This is another reader request. It is located at the corner of 14th and Clifton Streets, NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Bright two bdrm and one bath apt. with roughly 990 sq ft. Lots of amenities including hardwood floors throughout, kitchen with dishwasher and lots of storage, ton of closet/storage space, south-facing balcony (comfy porch furniture included in rental), new track lighting in living room and hallway (all lighting on dimmers), new ceiling fans in the bedrooms, all windows recently replaced and zoned HV/AC wall units to help keep utility costs down.

There are new (and large) laundry facilities available for free in the building and easily accessible bike racks for easy storage and commuting.”

Does $2200 sound reasonable for this 2 bedroom?

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  • Vonstallin

    jezzuz…about $1,200 more than my mortgage.

  • No. No. No. Look at the photos: no central air, one bedroom photo (suspicious – probably glorified walk-in closets) and a tiny combined living/dining area. With the 2 months free rent deal at some local buildings, you could do much better than this.

  • Seems steep to me. The monthly mortgage payment on my house is smaller, and my house isn’t steps from crime-addled public housing.

    But I bet they find someone to rent it real quick.

  • Also, saying it’s 4 blocks to U street metro… more like 6… in fact it looks like it’s a pretty even amount between U street/Columbia Heights metros. Hard to say if it’s a good deal because you can’t see the size of the bedrooms/closets. Sounds reasonable if it is what it says it is.

  • I think it sounds like a decent deal. Assuming the 990 square feet figure is accurate that’s a good-sized apartment. And it is between U St. and Columbia Heights (a smidge closer to U St), but I don’t think that’s necessarily a negative–go to U St. to go out to dinner and to Columbia Heights to run errands.

  • It’s places (and rents) like this that convinced me to buy a house. I don’t know if it’s a good deal market-wise, but it seems like a lot of money to me.

  • steep. with a rough location. i was recently renting a nicer-looking 2 bedroom 4 blocks north of the CH metro. you can do better.

  • Good deal? Don’t know. Rough location? Hardly.

  • I’d knowck a couple hundred off since there’s not a washer and dryer in the unit. Also, 900 sqft seems pretty cozy for a 2 br.

  • The first apartment my wife and I lived in as marrieds was only 833 square feet, and we were fairly comfortable. Of course, it came with a private storage room (truthfully, it was little more than a super-sized storage closet) in the basement of the building. Depends on the layout, I guess.

    As far as the roughness of the location is concerned, the most prominent crime near there since November 1, at least according to, seems to be theft from vehicle.

  • that’s waaay too much $$.

  • 990 sqft is a big ass 2BR, plus it has a balcony. Looks to be a lot of closet space and pretty OK view. Pets OK is worth about $50-100 a month. Yes it is steps from cracktown but I want to know what gated community all you people whose mortgage is under $300k bought in — this is DC, there is public housing a few blocks from everywhere east of Rock Creek. If you don’t have a car you’re not going to get a location this good for much less.

    I’d say a little overpriced but not much, hard to be sure without a little more clarity on the BR sizes and the HVAC situation. The people who are saying way overpriced are a little off, and the smug homeowners I’m sure don’t have a dime of living expenses beyond their mortgage.

  • This looks like it’s on the high end of “fair.” I would certainly consider going for it if I was in the rental market.

  • It seems like a pretty good deal to me. It’s in really good shape, unlike a lot of cheaper apartments, the laundry in the basement is free and you don’t have to pay for electricity.
    And a south facing balcony means some south facing windows, so probably gets good light.
    I’d certainly check it out if I was looking.

  • Ah and to just think only a short 3 years ago my total rent for my former 2 bedroom in Logan Circle was $1750.

  • Seems like a perfectly good deal to me. I’ve looked at a lot of places in that area and this is definitely on the higher end in terms of the location and the finishes. Photos look great. Very nice!

  • Sweet place, actually. I am in the market and just saw the place last night. Really nice owners and the apt. is actually even nicer than it looks in the pictures. The HVAC units (I tested them) are actually eco-friendly and serve essentially as central air units as you can keep them running or shut them off when you’re not using a room.

    I am probably going to put in an application today so wish me luck!

  • I automatically say too much when I see any picture that has the dining area right behind the den/living room. Can you say feng shui?

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