Sweet Green Coming Soon to P Street (near 14th) in Logan


I thought we had discussed the SweetGreen restaurant coming to P Street in Logan just east of 15th but I’ve received a number of emails about it lately. Folks were pretty positive about the Dupont location so this should be a nice addition to P Street. Incidentally a TD Bank is also coming next door:


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  • I find this news to be very exciting! I love the Sweetgreen in Georgetown but don’t get down there very much!

  • +1 on using a QR code on their window

    -1 for coining the term ‘sweet flow’

  • I like sweetgreen but like chopt for salads even better.

  • Great addition to the neighborhood! I think sweetgreen has better salads than chopt. It also helps that they do an awesome job of watching their carbon footprint and buying ingredients from local farmers.

  • Yay! I am psyched for Sweet Green. I am always happy to support a local business that is trying to do the right thing by the planet and their customers.

    Boo! We dont need another bank. There is one two doors down! And another opening at 15th and L. We need retail, restaurants and (other) services.

  • I am sick of places opening up where you can’t get a salad for less than $10.00. It is really ridiculous! My favorite place on that block is Stoney’s – without question. Reasonable prices for huge sandwiches and a chill atmosphere.

  • @ 10$ salads?: Stoney’s? If you like Sysco food. That entire block (save Whole Foods) serves Sysco products. Bleh. I swear the Sysco truck driver must start in Adam’s Morgan, release his break, and roll down the hill distributing prison-grade food along the way. Kind of like Santa, but headquartered in Houston, TX. No thanks.

    BTW, TD Bank is great. Open 7 days a week.

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