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  • This was considered the best artistic bike rack proposal by the Golden Triangle Business Improvement District back in May 2009.

    One look at the rack you will want to bike to work.

  • Whoaaa, how many times have I walked by that bike rack and never noticed that it was WORDS?! I think I usually approach it from an angle where it just looks like a crazy collection of twists and turns. That is seriously sweet indeed.

  • What does the second word say? Forgive me if I can’t figure it out – I’m still not through my first cup of coffee….

  • I think it says “bike” & “here.”

  • Yes, it says “bike here”. It’s a little hard to read from some angles because the letters are all canted – this makes it actually work really well since you can fit a variety of types/sizes of bikes between the letters to lock up.

    Commission of Arts and Humanities also did a series of bike racks with DDOT that are kinda cool – the Chinablock one being my favorite:


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