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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. Anything good happen this week?

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  • Rave: Friday!

    Rave: (I forgot this one on Monday) I finished the twilight series last weekend, and I wasn’t disappointed. I didn’t notice a huge change in writing style, and the thought the plot flowed rather similar to the other books. Why did people think the 4th book sucked so bad? I am only an engineer, so I probably don’t concentrate on writing style as much as other people, but I didn’t catch any huge changes from the previous 3 books.

    Rant: I’m becoming more and more of an angry driver. Only directed towards MD and VA drivers. Anyone have remedies to fix road rage? I do the deep breaths, “be a good driver” mantra in my head, but often times it does not work, because some idiot cuts me off in the middle of my thought.

    • Emmaleigh504

      My problem with the forth book was all the fade to black.

    • My problem was the narration. Not a big fan of the differing POV, but once I read the book entirely I understood her reason for doing so.

    • GiantSquid

      My issue was that it had the potential to be such a great story and I feel like Meyer took the easy route. And oh, the teenaged melodrama. I couldn’t identify with any of that because I was busy in high school having a life and no interest in dating.

    • 10% of all proceeds from the twilight franchise go toward mormon anti-gay marriage lobbying. steal them if you must read them.

    • just remember that driving is a luxury and a privileged, not a right.

      always drive defensively, not aggressively. if someone cuts you off, let them win the race. no big deal
      if someone drives like they’re more important than you, maybe they are. maybe their baby is dying or they’ll be fired if they’re late, or they just like being assholes. whatever. let them go.
      and remember
      its faster than walking.
      and sometimes faster than metro.

      just be chill, you’ll get there.

  • Rave: Sun and cold weather
    Rave: Going to Fogo De Chao tonight for free!
    Rave: Nothing to do this weekend but hangout with friends and watch TV!
    Rant: NONE

  • Random question:

    My wife and I need to sublet our place (we are owners in a large co-op) for a year (or 2 x 6 months if necessary), and rather quickly at that. We have tried craiglist, gotten a few bites and shown the place a few times.

    That said, I’d like to call in a professional to handle this but have no idea how or where to start. Do I contact a management company? A real estate broker? Something else? How does this normally work in terms of the financial arrangements between me and “the professional”?

    Beyond general advice, I’m open to specific recommendations if your readers have had good experiences with people or firms.

    • houseintherear

      My brother had good luck with Long & Foster’s rental “division”. He lives overseas and rents his loft here, and has had no issues whatsoever. The fee was one month’s rent, and he negotiated the contract so that he could get the fee back if they had not found a renter within one month. They’re apparently great about finding a *good* renter, with lots of background checks, etc. They collect rent electronically and deposit it into his bank account.

      Rave: Tomorrow is the Polar Bear Plunge!

      • Houseintherear–thanks much for the advice! I’m really starting from scratch here, so it’s very much appreciated.

      • I haven’t had experience with L&F for rentals but had a horrible experience buying my condo with Cox & Cox Long and Foster as our representatives. They were super pushy and I’m convinced even lied to us at times in order to get us to buy.

        Another property management service in the city is Chatel Real Estate which I know does rentals as well. My condo association used them for 6 months and had to break our agreement. To this day we still don’t understand what they did with all of the money we gave to them to do the simplest thing like make sure that when there is a water leak in the building, that they take it seriously.

        So beware of Long and Foster and Chatel.

    • We used Property Management Specialists for over three years to rent our row house in CH. They’re great, and know the DC market and laws perfectly. I don’t have a phone for them atm, but their email is:
      Property Managment Specialists Inc. ([email protected])

      Drop them a line, I would use them again in a second.

    • how odd. i need a place to live. what are we looking at?

  • RANT: The almighty NFL for thinking that they own “WHO DAT” They
    sent cease & desist letters to businesses in NOLA for sell mdse.
    that had “WHO DAT” . You can’t even use the colors black & gold
    without NFL permission & $$$$.

    RAVE: One week closer to Black & Gold Super Bowl!

    • Emmaleigh504

      That Who Dat BS pisses me off!

      WHO DAT!!

    • Why are you still supporting the franchise that sees you as nothing more than an open wallet? You know how they think. Take your money and your alligiance elsewhere.

      Captcha: mud-slinging Belgians

  • Rant: People who ride their bikes on the road in Rock Creek park, slowing traffic to a crawl and endangering their own lives to boot. They do this despite there being a plenty-good bike trail off the road.
    Hey guys: Lance Armstrong you ain’t!

    Rave: Work is going great. Lots of kudos from the higher-ups.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: The Internet Nazis are cracking down, so I’ll not be able to visit here as much as I’d like.
    RAVE: Saints in the Super Bowl! WHO DAT!
    RAVE: the parental units sent me a delicious king cake.

  • Rant: Saints fans who use “Who Dat”. Cincy called and they would like to you to stop because they liked sounded like morons first by using “Who Dey”.

  • @TaylorStreetMan

    “a plenty-good bike trail off the road.”?? By this, I suppose you mean the random patches of paved walking paths that are linked with dirt mtn bike trails. Not too useful for road bikes.

    • use ’em anyway. I have. Or ride somewhere else. Regular streets with bike lanes are all over the city.

      It beats riding down the center line of a narrow, winding two lane road at night while traffic rounds the curve at 40 mph. (I see this all the time so don’t tell me I’m exaggerating)

      It’s not just you out there. Think about the poor sod who runs over and kills some guy on a bike. Lifetime’s worth of therapy after that.

    • nice solution. such practical, helpful advice.

      • ah

        learn to pass safely, then

        • have you ever driven on Rock Creek parkway? Unless you’re out there at some odd hour, there’s traffic coming the other way and rounding a curve to boot. Can’t pass safely.

          How ’bout ride your bike safely (ie somewhere else). And I’m saying this as a guy who spends a lot of time on my bike.

          • ah

            I’ve driven and biked? Are you talking the 4 lane part south of Woodley Park? Because I can see your point there, but not north of it.

  • Why don’t you drive somewhere else? Regular streets for cars with 2-3 lanes all over the city.

    • what’s the deal with you people? bike on bike path. car on car path. simple. done. everybody safe.


      • ah

        what about the joggers on the bike path, though?

        • what about them? go around them. be a considerate person and call out “on your left” and go. Joggers have a responsibility to share the path too.

          Listen, I know it’s not ideal, but seriously, you guys don’t see a problem with the current scenario? No matter how careful everyone is, it’s just a matter of time before somebody dies on a bike on Rock Creek park.

      • Bicycles are vehicles under DC law and allowed full use of any/all roads unless they’re highways. There’s no legal requirement to use bike paths/lanes. Suck it up or get the law changed.

        • I’m well aware of the law as pertains to this. I never said it was illegal, just really stupid and annoying – *especially* when there is a designated path for bikes.

          Aside from the fact that it’s not a perfect Tour De France surface, what’s the objection that outweighs putting your life at risk?

          When you’re riding on the street with a designated bike lane, do you ride in the middle of the road just to be an ass?

          • If you can properly drive your car, our lives are not at risk.

          • The bike lane on 14th St [for example] is completely useless since it’s used as a loading zone for all the businesses, restaurants, valet parkers, etc. So yes, there I use the right lane since it’s safer than constantly having to merge in and out of the bike lane. On roads like Q St and T St I do use the bike lane since cars don’t park in them as often.

  • Best week ever. really. total mongolian clusterfark. take a deep breath.

    mrs wants a divorce. she wants to keep the kids and the house and the crap. She might want to get a job.

    Ya see commentariate. if your SO (significant other) stops loving you, things are over. If your SO stops loving you and waits years before letting you know. all the while treating you with a mix of total fuckin neglect and hostility. Even if she stuck around for the vacations, or so you could pay off her student loans and help raise the kids and buy her a house. she knew you would stick it out because of the kids. She might be just a touch sadistic.

    So, in some fantasy world I am suppose to have two homes and two lives on one salary.
    and she wants this break to be amiccable, for the kids. Im still on the fence between walk away, dump everything or having the lawyer make this a multi year bloodbath.

    /the job and the team are disintegrating too. Kinda of amazing how just two weeks ago we were planning another family vacation, pretending everything is ok. And now its a train wreck. maybe she met someone else and decided it was good time to burn everything.

  • Seeing the term Cincy reminded me. I know people in New York City would rather cut out their tongue than refer to it as the Big Apple. So this is a genuine question. I’m curious:
    Do people in Cincinnati really refer to it as Cincy?
    Do people in Chicago call it Chi-Town?
    Do people in Philadelphia call it Philly? (I have heard “Phila” on occasion)
    Do people in Dallas call it the Big D?
    Do people in Boston ever call it Beantown?
    Do people in San Francisco call it San Fran (or Frisco)?
    Do people in Missouri really say “muh-zer-uh”?

  • Rant – Since there seems to be a lot of bike talk, I’ll put this out there. I hate when I carefully pass somebody on a bike and then when we all get to a red light they slide by everybody to get to the front again. Then we have to do it all over again. Just hold back. Seriously.

  • @Greg:
    “If you can properly drive your car, our lives are not at risk.”

    So would you walk down the center lane of a highway, putting your life in the hands of drivers who are texting, arguing with their passengers, fiddling with the radio, or whatever?

    You sure are putting an extraordinary amount of faith in your argument that everyone should be perfect drivers so as not to run you down.

    Good luck with that. You might get run down, but you certainly will have the last laugh. Well done.

  • Rant: people who take their ultra teey tiny roller bags on the metro during rush hour. “Hi, I’m sure you ARE weak, but could please just pick up your fucking roller bag for the next 25 paces so that I can avoid kicking as I walk to the turnstile.

    Rant: People with roller bags that are designed to look like big oversized purses, but are to wimpy to actually carry it like a real purse.

    • totally agree. what these people don’t seem to realize is that by trailing their tiny roller bags (that can easily be picked up) behind them, they double the amount of space they take up everywhere they go.

      Pick it up.

    • Emmaleigh504


  • GiantSquid

    Rant: Things are weird with Mr. Squid. Not sure if it’s me being bummed about my birthday coming up or something else. Feel like I have a roommate, not a husband. A roommate who doesn’t do dishes, or cook, or laundry, or…

    Rant: Internship is almost up, need to start looking for a job. I hate looking for jobs.

    Rave: Friday? Yay?

    • squiddy, see my comments above. the roomate remark was something that we used to talk about at the marriage counselor. I dont remember which one, fired 3 i think. anyways the point is,your me soon.

  • Rave: My boss finally relented and is allowing me to change my work schedule to 7-330!

    Rant: I had to work on her for over 6 months to get this. Not sure why a 45 min change was so difficult?!

    Rave: It’s Friday and I have some good plans…may even some snowboarding…bring on the snow!

  • Rave: The incredibly hot tall brunette at the auto show.

    Rave: The incredibly attractive blond in the tight leather miniskirt at the auto show.

    Rant: I can’t afford the girls or the cars!

  • Rant! How people are not using this as Rant and/or Rave

  • Who is that hot girl drinking and playing fooseball in the cocktail dress?

  • It looks like the waitress wanted to make sure the patrons didn’t waste an ounce

  • I’m a Cincy native, and yeah we call it Cincy all the time. That or \The Nati.\ Even though it isn’t anymore, people still call Columbus \Cow Town,\ which I love.

    Now I live in Louisiana and I’ve never heard \New Orleens,\ but in Plantation country (between New Orleans and Cajun Country) you will hear some people call it \New Orlee-uns,\ which took me by surprise a little.

  • Thanks for the info.

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