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Waiting to be Someone's Dinner - Crab Tank
Photo by PoPville flickr user hohandy (bully for you, chilly for me)

You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this weekend?

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  • RAve: Wilson pool with 2 kids. So nice

    RAnt: older kid (not mine) drops deuce in said pool. pool evacuated for rest of day

    Revel: giggling to myself as we ate little snickers bars afterwards (doody!! doody!!)

  • Rave – Fun, crazy happy hour on Friday with co-workers.
    Rave – Reliving/reconstructing the night this morning at work.
    Rant – I swam at Wilson pool on Sunday – I hope it was in the splash pool and not the big pool.

  • RANT – crabby….

  • Rave: Saints going to the Super Bowl.

  • Rant: I am so off my game today, blah.
    Rave: 2 year anniversary with the gf, first time ever.

  • Rant: My Vikings lost last night and I dont think Favre is coming back
    Rant: Mondays

  • Kalorini

    Rave: Well-rounded weekend. Perfect balance of staying in, cleaning, going out, having brunch and watching sports 🙂

    Rant: I ordered an iPhone on Saturday and I thought it’d be here by Monday with 2-day shipping. Not so, AT&T, not so.

    Rave: Feeling better. Less anxious, more like myself again.

    I’m also considering joining Match.com. Any good/bad experiences? I’d love to hear them. Maybe PoP can feature a Dating in DC QotD 🙂

    • some good friends of mine met on match, got married and now have a son! Go for it!

    • My brother used match.com and he thought it was okay. I guess he found that the girls were more suited for friendship, but I guess that’s how the real world dating scene is as well. He also said that the stigma that a lot of people associate with online dating (crazy or creepy people, etc.) is definitely not the norm anymore. This was in Pittsburgh, but I’m assuming that would be the case anywhere.

      PoP should do a speed dating happy hour 🙂 (I kid, PoP)

    • I’ve had better luck with okcupid, actually, and it’s free.

      But I’m a believer in online dating in general. It hasn’t resulted in a long-term relationship with me before, but it’s worked for several of my friends. Sometimes you just need to go out with a lot of people before you hit it off with someone.

      • I agree with okcupid. Great site-I’ve made a few really close friends from that site and a lot of my friends have found long-term relationships. Go for it!

        • I’m going on three years with someone I met off of OKCupid.

          The secret to online dating: a high bullshit meter and the expectation that you might meet someone interesting, but you might not…either way you’ve met someone new.

        • Kalorini

          Thanks for the support guys 🙂
          I’ve tried OKC before and found my latest ex there–turns out he was petrified of committing to anything (such a shame). I’m hoping to find something more serious on a pay-to-date site. Ridiculous?

          • Kalorini–You should consider asking yourself why you feel the need to immediately find another relationship when you just ended a relationship about 2 weeks ago? Maybe the better approach is some self-analysis; sit back, take a breath, and learn to get comfortable with yourself first. No relationship is going to ever work as long as it’s based on a desperate fear of being by yourself, which is how your posts for the past couple of months have come across.

          • My ex is on Match and his biggest issue — which he admits to — is he can’t commit. So it isn’t about paying or not paying…as it can get you the same kind of person.

            it’s the person not the price of the site

          • Kalorini pay no attention to Anon… ugh. Do what YOU feel is right for yourself. You have my support 🙂

          • Seriously? She said she was thinking about joining a dating site, not that she was ready to jump into something serious with the first guy she met. I agree that it’s a good idea to take some time off in between relationships, but you can do that while meeting and going out with people that you could potentially date.

          • Kalorini

            2 weeks? HA! 2 months.
            And, no, I’m not ready to start dating officially, but I can certainly meet new people and see where life takes me. Thanks for the bitter pill though, Anon.

          • whats wrong with what anonymous 2:21 wrote? i agree with the idea, and i think he/she put it a lot more tactfully than most people would. we have all seen your frequent posts about the hardship of getting dumped, and weve all been there. i think most rational people would tell you to chill out and stay far far away from anything remotely romantic for a few more months. you obviously arent ready to move on, and its not fair to whatever guy you might find to be your rebound/crutch, especially if he ends up falling for you.

          • Hmm Christopher, I kind of agree with you… But I think Anon221 put it kind of harshly. I think staying far away from anything romantic is a good idea, but going on a few dates and getting your feet back in the dating pool can help take your mind off the past.

            As a female, I don’t see anything wrong with what Kalorini is doing – get back out on the playing field, not necessarily because we’re “afraid” of being by ourselves. It doesn’t even seem like she really needs something serious right now, just seeing where the wind blows.

            Yes, we all know break ups suck, but it’s hard to judge when you’re not the one involved. Kalorini posted her breakup hardships in RRRoR. I know I did awhile back, and it felt like someone kicked me in the throat when they posted “we’ve all been living your philly boyfriend for a while now…” after he broke up with me and subsequently got back together. I posted that because I had no one else to talk to in DC and it just felt good to get it off my chest. Is that so bad? No. Sometimes you just need someone, anyone, to listen.

            Kalorini – if you want to grab a drink or anything to take your mind off things, you can e-mail me: mavanyo at gmail dot com

    • I’ve tried both Match and Yahoo – a few weirdos but that’s to be expected.

      I met a friend’s former boyfriend that I’d met when he was with my friend. And met a few people who knew people I knew. It does expand the range of possible partners though.

      captcha = about cockade

    • I really like online dating (because I am a picky introvert). I haven’t found many differences between people on OK Cupid versus Match. With that said, my current gf and I met on Match and she’s pretty awesome. So you might as well give it a shot!

    • Two Days would be Saturday to Monday, Monday to Tuesday. Two. No?

    • I recommend Craigslist personals – met my husband there 5 years ago.

  • RANT: 3 friends/acquaintances getting mugged/pistol whipped in Mt. Pleasant on Saturday. Also heard from a friend of two other muggings of people she knew this weekend in Capitol Hill. This city sure can be a poison apple sometimes.

    RAVE: This nice weather we are having today post rainy morning.

  • Rave: Coming home yesterday after 5:00 and it was still light.

    Sitting on my porch working on my laptop and thinking it’s time to order seeds for spring planting.

    • If you plan on spending at least $50 on seeds and other gardening supplies, check out the three 50% deals available on WTOP ($25 off when you spend $50 or more): http://wtop.com/?nid=46

      • Thanks – great resource!

        I didn’t know WTOP had a gardening column and written by Mike McGrath no less. I subscribed to Organic Gardening for years when he was editor-in-chief.

  • Anyone know if its possible to get a property management company to manage a single family home for rental? I am leaving the country and don’t want to try and manage a rental property while away for two years. And can’t sell now due to shite prices. Any suggestions for a company? I am willing to pay well…

  • PoP did you go to the Capital City Diner open house?

  • Rave: went to the Caps game on Saturday – really fun time
    Rave: went to Vapiano before the game. That place is really cool! You walk in and they give you a card (like a credit card), and you go to the different stations and order pasta, pizza, antipasti, salads, etc. and tap the card on the register. You can sit where ever you want, order drinks at the bar (again tapping the card on the register), and then you pay on your way out! The nicest part is that you can relocate from a table to the bar after you finish eating without having to transfer your tab or anything. Pretty decent food as well!

    Rant: I really need to get back in shape and I just can’t find the mindset to do so. I’ve been eating more fruit than I ever have in my life, but I just can’t get rid of the laziness. Any suggestions for getting out of a lazy rut? I’ve tried the “suck it up and stop being lazy” attitude, but that dies down after a couple weeks. The whole working full time thing really sucks. You wouldn’t think you’d be so tired after sitting at a computer all day. Ugh.

  • Rant: Had mole removed from the bottom of my foot and it HURTS!!!!

  • Rave: Some decent football and awesome homeade chili (and frosty mug beer) made for a lazy sunday.

    Rant: All the rain meant my spark wires were damp and car didn’t start. Put them in the oven and voila it did the trick. Time to go to autozone to buy some new ones.

    Rave: Glorious warm sunshine over the lunch break!

  • rave = bastard squid implant

  • rave = Celebrated 14 years anniversary with my bf who I met on #jackoff (I swear it was just a chat channel on IRC – – remember those).

  • Rave: for the first time EVER I ran 13.6 miles and in a decent time! I am running the 1/2 marathon in March and was aiming for 13.1 in Feb…but I’m two weeks early on my goal.

    Rant: I have permanent black toe and my IT band was BURNING Sunday.

    Captcha: Erectly the

  • Someone left the car door unlocked and my GPS escaped. If you see an older-model Garmin wandering around unattended, possibly in the company of a DC vehicle registration card, send it my way, kay?

    • Question: is it even worth alerting the police? Could have happened any time in the last four days, didn’t see anything.

      • only if reporting it would make your insurance pay for it (and that’s what you want). otherwise, they’ll just laugh, if they show up at all.
        (not to sound bitter; just personal experience…)

  • People, people, you should all be a twitter about the Saints victory last night! Who Dat!

  • Saints didnt deserve that win and will be blow out by Garcon, Collie, and Manning

  • My gyno prescribed more sex. And I have high blood pressure.

  • Rave: For once the playoff games weren’t boring.

    Rant: The crabs in the picture are making me so, so hungry and I’m not near anyplace that sells decent ones.

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