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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. Anything good happen this week?

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  • Rant – Homeless dope addled bums milling around 16th street and leering at my lady friend. One of them motioned underneath his jacket as if he had a weapon. I ran leaving my woman to fend for herself. She made it back safely to the apartment and I locked the door and grabbed a kitchen knife.

    Revel – TGIF

    • How chivalrous /joking/… Although I can imagine fear takes over pretty quickly in that situation. sucky situation =(

    • Dude, sorry. I hope she is still your girlfriend after this.

    • You’re just kidding, right? I mean, really, no one’s that pathetic? Not and still gets laid?

      • I’m from a small mid western town. I’m have horrible nerves and am not used to these brutish goons. I admit, what i did was far from noble but I was concerned about my own safety. I spoke with my girlfriend (who was in tears) and she claims she understands. I would leave her in the dust again if it happened again. Sad but true. I get frightened very easily.

        • If you are serious than maybe city life isn’t for you.

        • It sounds like pat advice and you may not have the time.
          Learning a matrial art and lifting weights(hard) could help. The exercise will change your biochemistry and reflexes so you aren’t so high strung. Learning the techniques will give you confidence and the ability to relax more in sketchy situations.

          • I work 50 hours a week. Learning karate is not plausible at this point. I just need a strong sedative and an understanding girlfriend. Perhaps a registered handgun

  • Geaux Saints!

  • Rave: Friday!

    Rave: not the “wintry-mix-pocalypse” I was expecting. This town (meteorologists, not people) hypes up every wintry mix that rolls through!

    Rave: Caps game tomorrow night! Woot!

    Rave: “official” PoP happy hour soon?

    Rave/embarrassment: totally hooked on the twilight books – I’m on the fourth book and I started the series last weekend. I absolutely hated the thought of it when I saw all the hype it was getting through the movie, but it’s such a good guilty pleasure read 🙂

    I’m full of raves! Hope everyone else is having just as fantastic of a week!

    • Enjoy the fourth one. It was literally the worst book I’ve ever read.

    • Weird, Mal, I’m in the same place. Read the first one last week, tore through the next two, now in the middle of the 4th. Which is terrible, but at least there’s sex in this one, sort of.

      • That is weird… I’m just about done with the 3rd (I thought I was on number 4, I was wrong) and I’ll be starting the 4th tonight!

        I’m not sure what it is, but these books are addicting! I’m sad the fourth one is terrible though. I was hoping that it was just silly internets people voicing their terrible, unoriginal opinions, but it seems like even PoPville agrees… Lame!

    • Mal, I will admit to being a Twilight addict as well. I sped through the series and decided to read through it again–bad idea! Not NEARLY as good the second time around and made me question my sanity for reading it in the first place.

      But still, go Team Jacob!

  • Rave – playoffs this weekend! And I don’t care who wins, just great football to watch.

    Also, my band had our first rehearsal of the year last night and everything went great. Good gigs coming up next month.

    Rant – driving on 695 during or right after rush hour still sucks.

  • raves: new brakes, free pizza, friends in town this weekend.

    rant: new brakes.

    Know if anyone is having a Conan Final Tonight Show watch party?!
    I don’t have cable (or even the basics).

  • Rant: Parents who can’t control their kids, complaining about dog owners who can’t control their dogs.

    Rave: 1 step closer to watching rugby at home. So long Setanta.

    • how are you watching rugby at home without Setanta?! It would be so nice to do that without having to spend a fortune…

      • I read that BBC America just said they’d show the 6 nations, but I’m not sure it’s 100%. Setanta is going under as we speak. Fox sports soccer channel is bidding to buy Setanta’s N. American broadcast. So one way or another, it’s coming to a channel near me.

        • That is very exciting. As much as I enjoy going to bars to watch games with other people, watching it at home is much better.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Who Dat!

    • Rant: Saints fans who use that stolen cheer. It’s Who Dey, and it belongs to the Mighty Bengals of Cincinnati. (And now that I’ve identified myself as a Bengals fan, let the beatings commence.)

      • You would have to understand the “patois” of New Orleans. I am sure that it is purely a coincidence about the Cincinnati cheer. A good example of a typical accent of a New Orleanian is Harry Connick, Jr. Where ya at dawlin!
        Who dat say dey gonna beat dem SAINTS!

      • Emmaleigh504

        Also, I was under the impression that the Who Dat Nation stole the cheer from Southern U who used it in the 70s.

  • Rant – Sending off millions of dollars to Haiti while we spend virtually nothing on the homeless people that we walk past on the streets every morning.

    Rave – Watching tourists (because protestors are just tourists with signs, right?) walk past the prostitutes on their way downtown early this morning.

    • I saw a pack of them wandering down North Capitol at like 7am. Some of them were VERY young — it looked like a field trip organized by a church.

      • As a CUA grad, I can tell you (b/c a lot of them stay on campus, and start the march there), that a lot of them are Catholic school kids, and a lot of Catholic high schools basically give them the option of staying behind and taking a religion class test or taking a field trip to DC to go to the pro life march.

      • Prostitutes have field trips? Who knew?

  • Rant – just finished season 3 of “The Mighty Boosh.” Now no more!

    Rave – seasons 1-3.

  • revel: girlfriend’s job is not being transferred to Mississippi. still be transferred, but to a place I’d actually be happy living.

    rant: girlfriend has H1N1. Isn’t swine flu so 2009?

    revel part 2: my job gave us free flu shots this fall.

  • Rant: Thanks Barry & co. Its as if you guys woke up yesterday and forgot how we got here.

    Rave: going straight to hell apparently. Business Class ticket please.

    /no greenline brunettes to report.
    /party saturday, not sure if Im going. Kinda good idea/bad idea thing.

  • RAVE: Curbside Cupcakes shows up here in 1 hr 45 mins. That is all.

  • Rant: Working again this weekend to support Haiti disaster relief.
    Rave: My house is standing, I have plenty of food and I know where all my relatives are so I need to STFU.

  • Rave: Converted the basement into a speakeasy like lounge for one of the roommates birthday this weekend. It will be great.

    Rant: I hate three of the four teams with an undying passion, so I am forced to cheer for the Saints to win it all.

  • Rant: Today is one of those days where if I was a more violent person there would be a lot of bodies to hide.

    My boss makes the most annoying snot noises ALL day and there are 3 of us in a room that at most 15X10 so we cant escape the sound. It makes me want to vomit. Also, she is completely incapible of doing basic computer things like making cells bigger in a table and she blames me. And tells me to make less complicated forms so she can edit them. Um. wouldnt you rather learn to be less incompetant?

    Rave: I only have to make it until April 30th at this job.

    Rave2: We just adopted 2 kitties from the Washington Humane society who are the most adorable and awesome kitties and in a week one has learned to come when I call and gives me kitty snuggles. The other is still getting comfertable. But they make everything better

    • Oh man that’s gross… Are headphones an option? Seriously don’t understand how in this day and age you can be incompetent at basic computer skills. Esp ones you use in your job. I feel your pain.

      The kitty snuggles comment made me happy 🙂

  • Rave: Comfort One shoe sale – I saved alot of money today.

    Rant: Massachusetts

  • A wa do dem a de dc court. Lac up big head Gilbert Arenas. After he goes to jail in March he will change his name from Agent Zero to Al Bendova. Or soap dish Gil, or he will let the guys in gail play with his balls. He promises totake two balls to jail.

  • If you react that way to danger, you should not go anywhere near a handgun, or any weapon for that matter. You would be a hysteric waiting for a \accedential\ shooting. Just go to work and stay indoors behind the deadbolt lock!

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