Random Reader Rant and/or Revel

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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. Anything good happen this week?

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  • Rant: Posters here who think that all the sick sh*t that happens in the District is just par for the course and that we should all just get over it and learn to live with it – and that if we want to change it, we should move to the suburbs next to a Chuck E Cheese.

    Rave: 3-day weekend!

  • Hear hear BungieBoy!

    Rant: crazy busy week at work – overextending myself, but I guess that’s okay for a few weeks at a time…

    Rave: Crazy busy week made it go by really fast

    Rave: Outta here at 1:45!

  • rant- having to work on Monday
    rant- people like bb who want pillows on everything

  • Kalorini

    Rave: I’ve been keeping busy, which is a welcome distraction from thinking about my ex. I found out the girl he’s crushing on at work is super-self-absorbed, not well-liked, and doens’t live in DC (victory!). He won’t be able to tolerate that mess for more than a week.

    Rant: Listless at work. Where’d all my fun projects go?

    Rave: Friday!

  • Rant: people on Metro listening to music through their headphones, but because either they have the music turned up so loud or they’re too stupid to know how to properly place their headphones in their ear or their too cheap to by a decent pair of headphones I can hear the song playing in your empty head from 10 feet away. I’m trying to read here yet all of the sudden “to the left! to the left!” is in my head. Turn it down asshole/bitch!

  • everything you own in a box to the left. on dc metro, you can’t escape beyonce.

  • I’ve got a rant turned question. I live in a alley entrance rental between Harvard and Columbia and 11th and 13th. For the past month, the part of the alley closest to 13th has been a sheet of ice that practically stretches across the alley and down about six to seven houses, creating hazardous walking and driving conditions. It has finally begun to melt and, in doing so, has revealed the culprit. It is not snow, rain, etc, but a water leak or poor drainage from someone’s garage.

    I’m relatively new to D.C. and was wondering if anyone has any suggestions? Is the property owner liable for this or is it a city issue?

    • why don’t you knock on your neighbor’s door and ask them if it’s something they can fix? seems like the most reasonable 1st step.

      also, if you want to melt the stuff… take some buckets of hot water to it when it’s above freezing and broom it off. i know that won’t help when it continues to leak, i just say that b/c i see a lot of people trying to scrape ice off sidewalks, making horrible shovel-on-pavement noises.

  • I have to mention the tree in Thomas Circle I’ve been noticing lately. It’s the biggest one there, the others are just saplings, and it’s all old and gnarled but the way the small branches hang down, its fantastic. I’d love to see it in the snow but sadly I was out of town during the blizzard.

  • Rant: Saw my ex today, still good looking but his charm and shine has worn off…was he always so arrogant?

    Rave: heading out for 3 days of snowboarding…woo hoo!

  • Rave: Happy with the fact that it is not so darned cold, the thaw is a nice relief from weeks of freezing.

    Rant: My free beer cooling device (outside air) is gone!

  • Rave: The Deuce is back! Geaux Saints!

  • rave – restaurant week reservations tonight, and i am very excited to hang out with my friends over a nice dinner at a new place. also, this weather has been amazing and i hope it keeps up.

    rant, sort of – im going broke from all the money im spending on groupons, living social, and wtd dc specials…but at least im doing it in style!

  • Rant – I HATE HATE HATE my new supervisor.
    Rave – It’s Friday and I want have to see Miss “Urkel” again until Monday!

  • Rave: Saw The Grahamstander’s little bug being towed by a wrecker last night

    Rant: Unfortunately it just seems like it was broken down and not being towed for being illegally parked…but still a rave nonetheless

  • Rant – Joseph Merrick.

    Rave – The Elephant Man!

  • Rave: I GOT A JOB! I start next month and have days of paperwork to do in the meantime but I’m super excited.

    Rant: Family obligations this Saturday and Sunday. Not so much a rant but a meh.

    • Congrats angry chicken!
      Now hopefully Peter Griffin wont keep beating you up becuase you’ll be at work all day!

  • rant: horrible horrible gas & electric bills this month. 🙁 ramen it is…

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: awesome restaurant week lunch today at la bergerie!
    Rave: Saints game tomorrow!
    Rave: 3 day weekend!
    Rant: I can’t leave work now.

  • Rave: Three day weekend, football, good blues show tomorrow and seeing Avatar at an Imax theater this weekend.

    Rant: My job still sucks.

  • rave: 4 day weekend

    rant: semester begins

    rave: new apartment is awesome, cheap, quiet, pest free, and two blocks from the metro

    rant: there’s nothing in here but me and my guitars

    rave: pizza box doubles as a plate!

    rant: dallas fans’ joy

  • Had I known that on some days i would spend 8+ hours in meetings. I would have chosen a different profession. At one point i got in an argument with the XXX of XXX which might cause my XXX to get tossed out of here.
    At least I wouldnt have any more meetings.

  • rave: pretty much the best week ever–I got to go to CA to play on Jeopardy, I testified at a DC council hearing and felt like 20 consecutive years of education might have been worth it, and I have a date tonight. Life is sweet.

  • rave: checking out a wine bar this weekend

    rant: my skin is so dry it makes the Sahara desert look like a pond!

    rant: the earthquake in Haiti

    rave: not living in an earthquake-prone location

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