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  • Reading this blog, I have been impressed with how expensive even small and crappy houses are in Washington D.C..

    Where does the crime come from? Somebody has to get to bed early so they work to pay those mortgages. Even the nicer neighborhoods have significant crime.

    Why do so many neighborhoods look like crap. Aren’t those homeowners paying property tax which goes to maintaining the public infrastructure of the neighborhoods?

    • A house on my block is listed for $370k, but I’m guessing it’s not even in move-in condition. The porch is literally falling down.
      not sure who can afford to buy it *and* fix it up.

      • If the house is worth $425k fixed up, then you take out a construction loan and you pay off the $55k over 30 years. In 10 years you will likely have recouped the cost and then some. A combined household income of $90k would easily get you into the house.

    • I’ve spoken to one family at length. They believe they are truly OF the neighborhood because they were residents for 40 years. They look at me as a “newcomer” and I’ve been here coming up on 20 years. They don’t distrust me- though they should- and I’ve heard a lot of these comments. The criminals feel that they represent the “real” DC and that Fenty, Target, white residents, yuppies, Latin immigrants are part of “The Plan” against them. They feel that I represent Maryland more than DC. Soon, and I mean in the next few years, I will have lived in DC longer than I ever lived in Maryland.

      I spoke to someone last week who, while defending “The Plan” said that the corporations price the houses that they sell so high that black people can’t buy them. I had to remind him that Mrs. J who lived on our block sold the house and she got paid for it. When she sold it for $800k she got that money There was no corporation involved. We had a Black lawyer buy a house for $600k on our block so certainly there are Black people who can afford such a house if they’re educated. He went on to say that the suburbs, like Prince William County, are more pro-Black than Fenty, so he’s NUTS and so the people you talk to in those situations likely are crazy.

    • Umm, moving to a city costs money because that is where people want to live. If people didn’t want to move here, it wouldn’t be expensive. The LAND under an average house in DC is worth $300k+

      Less than 80% of the city’s citizens are fully employed. There is a rather tired, old, and racially charged Robin Hood mentality within the city government and public sector employees. This is combined with a historically meddling, racist and often ludicrous congressional oversight committee that under reimburses the city for the costs of having federal government employees work here.

      The city’s leaders eviscerated the middle class in this city with business taxes and by ignoring crime while overemphasizing jobs for public sector employees who they could then rely on for votes. Unfortunately, at some tipping point, the money coming into the city was not enough to pay for the size and cost of the public sector. So most every dollar coming into the city goes to pay for public sector salaries, not for infrastructure.

      Add to this that, like some southerners who are still fighting the Civil War, the aged AA political class has lost touch with today’s realities and is still fighting the Civil Rights War.

      • Interesting post, but you didn’t answer my question.

        If all of the homes are expensive then who is committing the crimes? It is the poor schmuck holding down a serious job to pay the expensive mortgage?

        • Largely it is the live-in children and grandchildren of 40+ year residents who wouldn’t imagine leaving, even to cash in, or who can’t leave because they took reverse mortgages in the late 1990s / early 2000s. Its a sad thing to see up close as the older people are often sweet as can be, but held hostage by their multiple-felon 20-something grandkids.

      • Look forward to more of your lucid, insightful comments, Ragged Dog.

  • is this U/ florida and 7th street?

  • Kalorini

    Rave: Went to Boston for the weekend for Frozen Fenway (Go BU!). It was freezing, but absolutely worth it! Added bonus: getting away from email/facebook for a full weekend.

    Rant: Flew into BWI last night and came back to my car, where the car alarm drained my battery.

    Rave: There are still nice people out there, willing to help some people with a jump in below-freezing temperatures. I don’t know who you are, Mystery BWI-guy, but you were my hero last night 🙂

    • A few years ago I lived a few houses down from someone who went on vacation shortly before his car alarm went off.

      For days.

      Finally, after most of the week begging the police to do something about it one came by and disconnected his battery.

      I wish the idiot auto engineers would program those things to stop after a certain amount of time.

  • Wondering if anyone has had major structural work done and who the used. We are thinking about knocking out the wall between the kitchen and dining room in our row house.

    • If you’re like other DC rowhouses, and you’re talking about the original kitchen and dining room, that wall shouldn’t be load bearing, and probably doesn’t have pipes and maybe just one or two electrical lines, which I think legally and for safety reasons need to be moved by a certified electrician. And then you can knock it down yourself.

  • Rave: found some cheap cheap apartments at 9th & E.. wondering what the catch is?

    Not much else going on…

  • any more details on that cab driver who was shot by 17th and T?

  • Hey Prince, now that you’re branching outside Petworth, do you think for HotD or GDoN rentals/sales, you could do some of those awesome condos/apartments around Kalorama and Connecticut and on Connecticut between Cleveland Park and Woodley? The outsides and what I can see of the lobbies look art deco and fabulous, and I’d like to know more about them. And any other buildings of the same style.

  • Rant: I hate the hideous house numbers on the cheap wood panel outside my house.

    Does anyone have any suggestions of where I can get funky numbers (maybe paint or stickers for glass) for my transom window? I’d like stained glass, so names of people who do that as well would be appreciated.

  • Rave: new f*cking job! woohoo!

    Rant: dropping the bomb to my current employers. Any tips?

    • Keep your mouth shut until your required notice time, be it 30 days or 2 weeks (depending on employee handbook and if you like the job/people you worked for, make it 30 days, if you want to screw with them, 2 weeks). Write a letter (not an email) to your boss and one to the President of the company thanking them for the opportunity to work with them, highlight something you enjoyed at the job and notifying them of what your last day will be. Save a copy for your files. If you’re going to another company that can be considered a competitor, keep your mouth shut about where you’re going. Wait for them to announce to the rest of staff and then feel free to talk about it.

    • Apologize profusely for having to leave, but say that there were just way too many hungry mouths to feed and you had to take care of your family’s economic future. Smile through all the BS, (HR people always take out their misery on departing employees) and then go and dish on them on line after you leave.

  • Rant: I have clearly chosen the wrong profession!!

    Ok, so a few weeks ago a MPD detective freaks out because his hummer was hit by a snowball. Yesterday, a DC court officer had his jaguar, and of course his gun and badge, stolen from him.

    How on earth do these guys afford cars like this? Is the law enforcement community in DC particularly attractive to the independently wealthy? These care retail for between $40,000 and over $100,000. Does anyone know if MPD does regular financial investigations of their officers? Similar to what is done for anyone with a security clearance in the USG.

    Sure, they could be independently wealthy, or maybe they’ve saved up all their life. That said, seems to me there might be some chance that a) the funds for the vehicle have come from illicit activity or b) that the officer is living so far beyond his means that he has made himself vulnerable to corruption.

    Perhaps if someone had questioned how Harriett Walters was able to afford a bentley, a Faberge egg or a rolex on her $81,000 a year salary, she wouldn’t have gotten away with so much.

  • Rave: My horrible neighbors moved out this weekend! Immediate drop in neigborhood vandalism and 3 am blarings of Millie Jackson and Betty Wright recordings predicted.

  • Rant: People who STILL have their Christmas lights up!

    • The lights are great for parents of small children. The kids make a game of spot-the-lights, and car rides are much easier. I wish we had more lights, more of the year. At least during the winter.

    • Emmaleigh504

      The lights are just about the only part of Christnmas I like. I wish people kept them up year round.

    • saf

      It’s only 5 days after Epiphany.

  • Rant:

    I am a cyclist, but this morning I was crossing the street in the cross walk on a green light for me, when a cyclist was turning a corner on a red light and almost hit me. No sorry, no excuse me, no response. These are the people who make all cyclists look bad. I wish I would have had the awareness to give a slight push as he rounded the corner. People always complain how cars are so much bigger than bikes and should yield, bicyclist in Shaw, you should have yielded to the pedestrian

  • Rave: Met interesting and friendly people at a French discussion party Friday.

    Rant: Amazon seller didn’t deliver a book to my Dad, leaving him giftless on Christmas (from me anyway). Now I have to resend.

  • rave: about to close on a house on Q Street!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: I didn’t think I would make it home from work today. Took forever (really took same amount of time, but I had to stay late so seemed years longer).

    Rave: Stupid TV tonight! Make it or Break it FTW! (not sure I should admit that in semi public, but there you have it)

  • rant: My roommate had her purse snatched from her desk in her (supposedly secure) office today when she stepped away from her desk to use the bathroom. The theft is not so disturbing in itself as the fact that her last coworker had just left, she went to use the bathroom, and in that short time the person entered, snatched her bag, and left – scary! Be safe, everyone – the person who found her discarded bag later said his building had also had problems with security recently (1600 block of Connecticut Ave in Dupont).

  • house music or whats the best for mixing as a newbie i love latin house what would you say is the best to learn with

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