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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this weekend/New Year’s?

How’s the first day back going?

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  • Pop- Any update on Ellwood Thompsons? Having a grocer like that near by would make my resolution to eat healthier a lot easier.

  • rant- regular season nfl over
    rave- playoffs are always fun
    rant- no more free holdays off in sight
    rave- leftover holiday booze and food
    rant- cold outside
    rave- nice skies lately sunup and down

  • Rave re: random yuppie guy who took it upon himself (yesterday, around 4pm) to direct the traffic around the Giant/Tivoli parking structure. Some event had just let out, and it was taking 15+ minutes to get out of the lot. Things really speeded up when some dude stepped up to facilitate the flow on Park Road/Holmead. Thanks, random yuppie guy!

  • Rant: All the incredible amounts of trash lining New Hampshire Avenue sidewalk north of the Petworth Metro. Like folks just dump their garbage in the gutter. (must be all the wind!)

    Rave: The store owner who said he was not going to charge his customers the 5 cents for bags, “times are tough, I am not going to do that to my customers” he says!

  • Rant: Our furance is broken and my roommate and I have been shivering all weekend (it’s a rowhouse so we got some heat from the neighbors, but our inside temperature was in the 50’s). Now it looks like it will be replaced on Wed or Thurs and we should have heat. Our landlords haven’t been negligent in addressing the situation, but not super-prompt either. Are there any landlord-tenant experts who can tell me what our rights are? Is this kind of wait acceptable? Would it be reasonable for us ask to deduct the days without heat from our next rent check?

    Rave: I don’t have to buy the replacement furnace.

    • I don’t know the rights but I would write an email in a gentle tone to ask for a deduction. This almost always works as they most of them want to keep you happy. As for 6 free days or whatever it has been and they might offer you 3 or all of them. good luck.

    • Your landlord had the same frustration that you had. It was a holiday weekend and getting someone to fix a furnace over any weekend is extremely difficult. Maybe your landlord is a furnace guy & took his time responding?
      His only solution to help you was to furnish you with space heaters or
      plug in radiators. If the landlord has to replace the furnace, it is setting him back over 10K!

    • Do you pay for utilities? If so, then you are justified in asking to be comped the days when your furnace was on the fritz, for either the gas or elect (as applicable). Otherwise, nah, you shouldn’t expect the rent itself to be comped.

      • Thanks for the responses. We pay the utility bills ourselves, so there is the silver lining of a low heating bill next month. But yeah, we would definitely ask for a reduction if our shivering was saving THEM money!

        We probably won’t ask for any kind of reduction unless it’s clear under the law that we’re entitled to one. I thought maybe there was something DC’s tenant-friendly laws that indicates that tenants have the right to expect these kind of repairs in a given time period.

        • I’m not sure whether you’re entitled or not, but heat is something your LL is REQUIRED provide. I think it’s reasonable to ask for a deduction.

          • Hmm, any homeowner would tell you that getting a furnace replaced is a time-consuming process even if you’re just trying to get it done ASAP and don’t care what it costs. Getting a furnace replaced within a week is very fast, actually.

            What you could have done was ask for some space heaters to tide you over…they’re cheap and would keep you a lot more comfortable while waiting for the new furnace.

  • Rave: Finished first work out for 2010. Feeling smug.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: It’s f***ing cold outside! It makes me cry.

  • Rant: This is my first day back at work since 12/24/09 and I’m bored already. I’ll never last until MLK Day on 1/18.

  • Rant: Pretty sure the boss wants me gone…which makes it hard to even show up.

    Rant2: Just went through the whole ‘no heat for days’ thing with my landlord. Turns out our furnace is at least 70 YEARS OLD!!! Give me a break. It took two Petro guys and a plumber to fix the damn thing. And now the landlord is complaining about the cost.

    Rave: Spent windy yesterday snuggled up on the couch with the b/f.

    • I have a senior boss above mine who has wanted both me and my direct-report boss gone for years — it makes it hard to give a sh*t when you know nothing will make him happy. I feel your pain.

  • Rant:
    The lousy attitude some DC residents have about this very progressive move:


    Come on people, you can find a bag almost anywhere ( the point behind the policy ). If 5 cents will mean going hungry you can use a pillow case, pull a bag out of the trash or pick one up blowing around on a lot somewhere.

    • Kalorini

      Hear hear! 🙂

    • My “lousy attitude” stems from the fact that this is nothing but another money grab from the DC govt, which will go into a fund that will no doubt be mismanaged, misallocated and/or misused – like most other money collected by the city.

      It’s so disingenuous to suggest that it’s an altruistic measure to save the river. You want to do better for the environment? Just ban the damn bags. Problem solved. Instead it’s just another revenue stream for the city. Call me cynical (side note: when the hell did “cynical” become a dirty word?) but I’m not holding my breath for this to make a damn bit of difference.

    • Count me in the number that has a “lousy attitude.” This is just another money grab by the District government that will result in another pool of money to be mismanaged, misallocated and/or misused. If they really gave a crap about the environment – just ban the damn bags. But instead, this is just another revenue generator. And, call me cynical (side note: when did “cynical” become a dirty word; I’m cynical and proud, thank you) but I’ll be shocked if anything changes. Rather, I expect to find out in five years that little to none of the money collected has actually gone to the project it’s meant to.

      • saf

        And now I find myself singing Marshall Crenshaw songs, “Well I’m going out, I’m going out looking for a cynical girl who has no use for the real world. I’m looking for a cynical girl…”

      • Nichole;

        When I was in college I was told about a psychological experiment. A large amount of hot dogs was made available to the public for free. People took more than they could eat, were wasteful, children played games with the food, etc.

        Then the researchers did it again, this time charging a pittance for the hot dogs ( 5 cents ).

        People took only what they ate and the other wasteful activities went down to almost zero.

        DC is not the first city to use this tactic. Other municipalities have with success. Once money is involved, even a pittance, people are MUCH more careful with a resource.

        Every notice how many strangers will ask you if you are done with a newspaper instead of buying their own?

        The motivation of the city doesn’t matter.

        People will be more careful with the bags they use and those who don’t will supply the city with revenue, while their freedom to be wasteful with the bags is preserved.

        • Ok then, so we have folks standing in the cold getting paid to hand out paper and then pay people to pick them up on the metro, and we charge folks 5 cents for something that really isn’t redemable as is aluminum let’s say. Good concept to raise funds for the Anacostia, but bag costs were already built into the cost structure of our economy, now, it’s just an odd new sales tax at that. But count me in for funds to do environmental improvement, just call a spade a spade. My big problem is what pocket to hold my new owned bag while I do the ped thing and walk to my services. And to always know how many bags I’ll need on any given trip. I already have enough things to think about before having to preplan my plastics holdings excursions.

        • First of all, I apologize for the dual post. I thought the first one was eaten by the internet.

          Banning the bags accomplishes the same goal (reduced bag usage), without supplying an incompetent government with more money to mismanage. The motivation absolutely matters here because the fairly widespread public support for the tax is, in my opinion, based on a lie. Obviously I don’t know that for sure, and only time will tell, but I simply don’t believe the money will end up being used for what they’re saying it will be. (not a conspiracy theorist, I’ve just lived in DC for a really long time) Further, I find it amusing that on the same day, on this blog, there is one thread dedicated to piling on DCRA for its incompetence, and yet, when the topic of this tax comes up, everyone is suddenly in favor of giving the very same government more money to mishandle. Just doesn’t make sense to me. While I would roll my eyes and think banning the bags is stupid, it would bother me less than this duplicitous move to increase revenue.

          Will I continue to buy bags? Probably. I will probably work harder to remember to bring my own (sort of), but it’s not a lot of money, and I reuse the plastic bags, so I imagine that it’ll be a while before I start religiously remembering to bring my own. Unfortunately (I guess) .05 just isn’t prohibitive enough to matter to me. Increase that to a dollar or something, and then we’ll talk (probably. maybe.)

          As for the newspaper thing? No, I’ve never had a stranger ask me for my paper.

    • Agreed. People complain about paying five cents for a bag but not about paying $4 for a crappy cup of coffee.

      Don’t want to pay five cents? Bring your own. Giant is giving bags away for free for the next few days.

  • I agree. Call me a pinko, but I am a big fan of this tax. Bags are not free – there are costs associated with their production and disposal. And this is the nudge that gets consumers and cashiers to think about whether a bag is really necessary.

    • agreed! there are huge costs associated with providing clean drinking water and a local river that complies with federal standards. maybe this way people will learn to bring their own bags.

  • Kalorini

    Rant: GDoN and House Porn Google street view on PoP. It makes my browser jump around and takes forever to load. Never did that before the new site went live. What gives?

    Rant: Didn’t do anything for NYE. Fell asleep on the couch! Lame.

    Rant: Not over the breakup. I’ll eventually stop complaining about it, but thanks for listening over the last few weeks, PoP community. Dare I say that this outlet helped?

    Rave: My friends. I love them. If it weren’t for good friends, breakups would be so much worse.

    Rave: Going to Boston Thursday for Frozen Fenway. Woo!

    Rave: My horrible above-me neighbors wrote me a “wave the white flag” note about our fights over their tone-deaf musical skills and off-hour practicing. Let’s see how long they keep the New Years’ spirit.

    • On the first rant here — the street view makes my browser jump too. REALLY annoying! I open PoP, then it loads, then I try to move, it doesn’t move, then it jumps to astreet view, then it does all the moving I did.

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  • First day back? psh thats cute..I’ve beeeen working haha
    The older I get the less attractive working 11 hours completely hung over looks. And yet. That was what my first day of the new year was like…NYresolution…treat my body better than I did on NYE–oh yeah, and no more drunken corner of the club make outs with boys whose faces I cant remember.
    soooo much better than that ha

  • Rave: My new favorite movie line, compliments of my better half::

    “You can’t make love all day. That’s why they invented work.”

    Prize for the proper french spelling….

  • rant:cant stand people who complain about the new bag tax. Carry a bag and the money won’t get mismanaged.

    rave: the new bag tax.

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