Progress on Reno at 4th and Florida


I know folks have been excited about this beauty getting fixed up. I hadn’t seen much progress in a while but just noticed workmen last weekend. New windows are looking good:


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  • Yeah, this is a gorgeous old place around the corner from my brother’s house. I’ve been looking longingly at it for years, wishing I could win the lotto, fix it up and live like royalty inside…. alas, it’s not to be!

  • I wonder if it’s just to avoid the vacant prop. tax. If you replace windows, etc, it’s not considered blight by DCRA.

  • they appear to be restoring the facade as well…so I dont think its a band-aid/cosmetic thing only…we’ll see…

  • I live across the street from this building and the renovation looks pretty serious. I’ve seen what I’m guessing is the developer on several occasions, inspecting the work with a few other people. I’m sure I’ll be gone by the time it’s ready to be occupied but it’ll definitely change the whole Florida/Rhode Island/New Jersey corner.

  • It looks like they are blocking up the windows so that the easiest, cheapest windows are installed. (Note stone sill with blanked area above, then new small windows) But I can’t imagine the cost of stabilizing that place, and in such a charmless location – at least the Florida Ave side.

  • Does anyone know what’s going in there or is it going to be condos?

  • if you look at an overhead view on google or bing you will notice that it’s actually quite a small property because of the angle of the streets. so, despite being very prominent, not a huge # of square feet.

    that said, they are using Pella windows, which are absolutely not the cheapest windows you can get, and are indeed cleaning up the stonework, so it appears that it will be completed finally. I am confused as to why you would invest in Pellas but then use plywood to crappily close up the bottom of window openings, but perhaps there will be some finishing applied that will look ok. they are in a historic district and I have seen e-mail traffic from the HBP about the plywood in the windows, so hopefully it will get finished nicely.

  • Does anyone have any clue what is going to be there. I have been in love with this building for the last 3 years. I’d imagine condos, or maybe something commercial on the first floor..

    • Jeeze – that is PoPs job to get us such details, come on man! 😉

      Given it’s horrible location for a personal residence, perhaps an Inn with a great cafe inside serving espresso? to compliment the new (don’t I wish) brew pub at North Capitol and Florida a few blocks away….

  • again, look at the aerial view. it is nowhere near big enough to be an “inn” or really much else.

  • Stone was falling off the cornice onto the sidewalk. DCRA sited them for dangerous conditions. DCRA ordered owner to fix property or DCRA would do it for them and put a lien on the property. Owner is fixing property to avoid DCRA lien.

  • From the Google street view images, you can see that some of that pink stone appears to have completely disintegrated and is missing altogether in some areas. I can imagine it will be almost impossible to find matching replacements.

  • new windows are looking good? c’mon, they aren’t the right size and don’t fill up the space properly (they’re putting wood and stucco underneath them to fill out the space).

    this isn’t a faithful redo—it’s a hack job.

    we shouldn’t settle for ‘good enough’ in the city, especially in a historic district. have some pride in our old buildings!

    • I bet those windows are being filled because there’s a kitchen counter going in behind them (assuming this is to be several units).

      They should have bricked it up and moved the original sill, that’s pretty lame. But even if they were using stock sizes, they could have gotten closer than that. All the other windows appear to be sized properly, so my money’s on kitchen counter.

  • MLS#: DC6004181

    Price: $990,000
    Gross S/F: 5368

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