Petworth’s Habitat For Humanity Building For Sale


Well this seems to be sad news, the Habitat for Humanity building located at 843 Upshur Street, NW has a for sale sign.

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  • Why is it sad? It’s not like HFH is going out of business. They’ve just decided, like millions of businesses do every year, that it is financially beneficial to sell this property and move elsewhere. Unlike a restaurant or store, the success of their business is not dependent upon location.

  • I’m not sure I feel bad about this….would be better for this storefront to have store in it rather than an office and I’m sure HFH can find another location. Maybe the plan is to redevelop it – more shops on Upshur Street would be great.

  • Shed no tears, fellow Petworth people! We’ve outgrown the little pink house and are moving to a bigger space close to Dupont Circle. We will certainly miss the 800 block of Upshur, though.

  • Looks like a great space for a little hole-in-the-wall bar.

  • I vote bar!

  • God yes, please make it a bar! A bar with a booth that I can call my own. Where I can walk in, take off my hat, and the barkeep will pour me what I need without saying a word.

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