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  • I think I actually like the prison door better. The white one has absolutely nothing going for it, and I like the numbers on the prison door better. They should clean the prison door, though…

  • Yeah, the prison door matches and actually has a window. The white one looks much worse.

  • If you put in a decent front door on that house, and a railing that wasn’t straight out of a mental institution, it would look downright nice.

    It’s incredible how something that’s otherwise pretty well done can be just ruined with a few details.

  • ugh, these are around the corner from my house. Such an eyesore. Both doors suck.

  • I actually live in one of these and while I originally thought the door was a bit odd, it has really grown on me. The door and the staircase match the renovated modern interior. The interior staircase while wood, has similar “floating” stairs. Considering some of the other places in that area I’m a bit offended to hear it called an eyesore.

  • @13thNEuclid, but the style of the exterior is not modern. It’s irrelevant what the interior looks like. Nobody can see that. I don’t know what you’d call it, Spanish renaissance or something? But not modern. The stairs and door don’t fit the facade.

    I would hardly go so far as call it an eyesore. There are far worse things to look at around here. But I just don’t get why new construction which is otherwise pretty nice, and even fits with the style of other traditional DC architecture types, would flake on the last detail. It’s just odd, it could have been great and instead it’s odd.

  • The old “prison door” as it is called looks like something the Soviets put in the “commie condos” that were built for the residents in Russia. These are dark, drab structures with no character. Cleaning the old door won’t help it. It would be nice to see a lot of different doors along these streets. That’s what gives the area character.

  • I should have mentioned the white door needs to be painted. I’m sure the white paint is the primer that came on it and this doesn’t cut it. Paint the door and frame a nice complementary color with the front and that’ll make a large difference in the appearance.

  • The prison doors are awful. The white door is worse. I understand the impulse to get rid of the prison door, but to replace it with the cheapest thing you could find at Home Depot and then not even bother to paint it! Come on people.

    These flipper developers are idiots. There is a reason the prison door condos weren’t actually sold until there had been two foreclosure auctions (and, that was before the recession) and I bet the prison doors were part of it. And, I bet the doors are a good indicator or stuff the developer/flipper missed on the inside too. For example, I’d bet the bathrooms have 1930’s looking fixtures and tan marble tile. I bet the interior doors are hollow core home depot specials.

  • Not to be rude, but I think that it is ridiculous that the people on this site are so bored that they feel the need to critique my front door. Have you people not seen all of the dilapidated houses in the neighborhood? Do you really think that my front door is holding the neighborhood back? Honestly, this must be a joke. Could you tools please go back to your pints of ice cream and HGTV. Because of all the wonderful advice that I have recieved, I will now make sure to leave the “prison” door up paint it white to match my upstairs neighbor’s. It is the best of both worlds!

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