Not Terribly Exciting Columbia Road Openings


A few readers have written in mentioning that the new CVS has opened up on Columbia Road just east of 18th Street, NW. I believe the old one across the street has closed so it’ll be interesting to monitor that space to see if anything interesting goes in. And to continue the less exciting news of that stretch of Columbia a T-Mobile store has also recently opened. Why do you think that stretch of Columbia (east of 18th) has a hard time attracting interesting retail/restaurants?


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  • T-Mobile? I was hoping for a cricKet.

  • I wish they had built condos or apartments above this CVS, like Combined Properties (the owner) originally planned. It would have really helped to improve this strech of Adams Morgan, and help further encourage neighborhood type businesses. This part of Columbia Road definitely has a cool vibe and could use some speakeasy type of establishment type bars like The Gibson.

  • you can drink at the churreria madrid. does anyone ever do that though?

    • saf

      I like Churreria.

      You know, that stretch used to have stuff. Avignon Freres (I can’t spell in French, but I loved the place). Dakota (later Opera). A nice Salva-mex place I have forgotten the name of. A good Ethiopian place.

      Things change.

  • I’m just glad the T-Mobile didn’t take out the Chinese Theater-style handprints of Shakira, Enrique Iglesias, et al. that Ritmo Latino left behind!

  • That stretch of Columbia Rd. is like some kind of third world bazaar. The neighborhood either needs to embrace that character or do something else with it.

  • @Donn

    Funny. If by third world bazaar you mean San Salvador barrio then yes, you would be correct.

  • one reason that area of Columbia Road can’t attract and hold on to “good vibe” businesses is because of the rents and leases assosiated with these sites. That T-Mobile place probably rents for $10k per month (then there’s the property tax bills & the BID special tax). I’ve had businesses in DC – it is NOT small business friendly. Big Box businesses get Incentives, Tax breaks etc – but not for small businesses,unless you have someone in your pocket$.

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