New “Coffee Shop” Coming To Adams Morgan


Well this is exciting news for Adams Morgan. There has been a lot of lamenting about closed storefronts on 18th Street, so it’s nice to see some new businesses going in. It will be located at 2204 18th Street, NW next to the clothing store Shake Your Booty. Here’s to hoping they have good bagels!


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  • I got thrown off by “Coffe Shop” and thought you meant something like in amsterdam

  • Anyone else notice that when “coffee shops” offer smoothies, ice cream, lunch dinner and the like, they tend to have awful coffee? I have just noticed over the years that as soon as coffee shops begin offering additional treats, they are on deathwatch. It happens all the time.

    Focus on the coffee.

    • ^^^^Really tempted to make fun of your naiveté for thinking that having shitty product will hurt a business on 18th street.

  • If I can offer one bit of advice to these owners – focus on finding a good supplier for your bagels/breads/pastries. For some reason, the generic “a coffee shop” banner sets off this message to me that it’s going to be the type of place where you walk in and they have 2, day-old bagels, already buttered and wrapped in saran wrap sitting in a wicker basket on the counter. Give me a reason to come to you by sourcing good foods – it’s not an afterthought!

  • This has AROMA written all over it. I’ll stick with Dunkin Donuts and get more bang/bagel for my buck.

  • Ha ha zuckerman the only way this place will be like Aroma is if its crappy and gets featured on here eight million times like Aroma did. Hey Aroma owner if you are reading this please take down the bakery sign every time I walk past it pisses me off.

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