New Bar and Restaurant Slated for 11th and Park, NW Is Signed and Sealed


We’ve been following the progress of this building as well as its tenants for quite a while. (No more word on Vegetate taking the second floor…) But the good news is that John Andrade of Asylum has sealed the deal on his project Meridian Pint. I spoke with John on Monday afternoon and took a quick tour of the property. First of all, the property is huge! I had no idea how large it was. Here’s what the first floor looks like:


I’m not sure if the photo properly conveys the size but it is 3000 square feet. And the basement is also 3000 square feet. So this is quite a big project. I took a look at the floor plans and the set up promises to be pretty sweet. The basement section, which will be more of a bar than restaurant, will be called The Joint Chiefs. In this space you will have 3 pool tables (available by the hour), a hand shuffle board table, and 25 American Craft beers on tap including one cask.

On the first floor, the space will feature the Restaurant – Meridian Pint. Here you will have booths, tables, a bar, and of course 25 American Craft beers on tap (there will be no bottles or cans). The menu will feature “contemporary American cuisine with an international flair”. When the weather warms up there will also be an outdoor seating patio area. They will feature a brunch on Saturday and Sunday from 9am – 3pm.

At the moment, John plans to open both spaces by early June in time for the World Cup (Soccer). During the World Cup the space will be open during lunch and will show the games. There will be four televisions in the basement space. For those that have been to Churchkey and Birch & Barley on 14th St. in Logan Circle – there is a similar layout here. The layout is similar in that there will be one space that is more of a restaurant with a bar and one space that is more of a bar that will also serve food.

One last cool aspect John told me about was some planned bicycling trips for customers. He hopes to be able to take some folks on tours of breweries and vineyards in Virginia to see where many of the beers and wines you are drinking come from.

All in all the whole project sounds pretty sweet. And now I have another reason to look forward to the World Cup. Allez Les Bleus!

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  • love the concept. sounds like a place i will frequent. a little disappointed they haven’t gotten further than stud walls after all this time.

    • That’s the fault of the property owner, not John. It took forever for John to get the space from the owner so he could start his own build-out.

  • Given that I live 1.5 blocks from here, I hope he can promise some good happy hour specials for the many, many evenings I will spend there.

  • yes! a place to watch the world cup in the neighborhood…i already love this place!

  • Can’t wait. I’ve been walking by several times per week to check on the construction progress. I’ll be there on opening day.

  • Felicitations to owner occupant 3DG and the Goldmans for a three level multiple use on this site of what was an old unsightly supermarket.

    Looks today much like the rendering from a year ago:

  • This is very exciting for the neighborhood and the community. Congrats to those that worked so hard for so long to make this happen. It is a huge accomplishment!

  • This project has bloat written all over it. But I hope it works.

  • Happy for the early morning weekend brunch. Badly needed in this area, so few good brunch places to choose from, especially those open early.

    I hope they throw in a foozball table in the basement bar as well. With four TV’s this could also provide a nice football watching option in the area next fall. But I do hope they manage to be open by World Cup time, that would be fantastic. If downstairs is TV heavy, it would be nice if upstairs is TV devoid, providing a different option.

    Most of all, just make the food good please! Even if it costs an extra dollar or too for the entrees, top flight ingredients and preparation are really all I care about, fundamentally. And keep the menu smallish, overreaching generally compromises quality.

    Where exactly is the outdoor seating going to be? Not a ton of space there but I guess they can squeeze in a few tables on the sidewalk on 11th. In one photo I saw, they also had seating in front of the building, but that seems to be taken up now by an entrance ramp so obviously there can’t really be tables blocking that.

    Looking forward to seeing a prospective menu posted. Any sense of what the interior design will be like?

  • Looks like you can have outdoor seating on the second floor?

    • the balcony is a lot smaller than it looks in the picture. My guess is that (if that’s part of the bar, not rumored vegatate), it’s a smoking balcony.

  • Alas, I think Les Bleus are going to be let down by their buffoon of a coach. With the array of talent France has, there’s really no excuse not to win the World Cup (though Spain might have something to say about that…).

    Regardless, looking forward to seeing the new space while taking in some footy!

    • Yeah, France has no shot with Domenech still in charge (he’s what’s keeping Trez and Frey away, among others)

      Meanwhile, how ’bout that Ivory Coast – Burkina Faso draw?

      • i watched that game yesterday. i was surprised how poorly Ivory Coast played…nigeria vs egypt is a good one.

        I cant help but say that brazil or spain are the best coached, most talented teams.

        france can be a surprise though if they set the team dynamics aside.

    • Let’s not forget the power of the “Hand of Frog” to help the Frenchies out.

  • Sweet! Well, Vegetate upstairs or no, given that it’s Asylum’s owner running the show I’m hoping there will be great vegan options at Meridian Pint too!

    • I’ve asked John many times (beyond just mere annoyance) if there’s going to be vegan food. He promises there will be.

  • I’m glad there are multiple pool tables.

  • soccer and vegans…this place has gone to shit already and it is 6 months from opening!

  • RIP Bi-Rite Supermarket

  • Thrilled about this place. Can’t frickin’ wait.
    If the upstairs opens as a restaurant, I’ve got a great name to suggest, considering the outside decor: “Palettes”


  • I love this place already if only as an outlet valve for Wonderland etc. I went to Room 11 on a frigid wednesday night and the place was so full my date and I just turned and walked away. Columbia Heights, already full of great places, is at capacity.

  • I’m disappointment the planners made a big deal out of maintaining the old facade, but clearly only kept about 4 linear feet. It was obvious they only wanted to avoid losing the setback. Lame.

    • you try buying a derelict building on a nonconforming lot in a then-hot neighborhood, lining up exceptional locally-owned tenants, then building it out during the financial and real estate meltdown of a lifetime, while preserving that precious bodega facade …and not go bankrupt.

      comment by @snowbunny = lame. is that the best thing you got to complain about today, bunny?

  • Excellent. Need more to do in the hood. Man can’t live on food and drink alone. I’m with New2CH, foosball would be a kick. And how about making one pool table pay-by-the-game/challenge. Great way to meet random folks– one of my favorite things about Asylum.

  • I’ll show up on weekends with my hammer and saw if it will help.
    I second (third) foosball I don’t think there is a quality table in the city.

  • A new futbol bar walking distance from home?

    This is my new favorite bar!!!

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