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  • They had a neighborhood opening party on New Year’s Eve and it was pretty cool. What you can’t see from the front windows is “Darnell’s Back Room Bar.” Standard prices, cool atmosphere, super-friendly staff. Hopefully a long-lasting addition to the neighborhood.

  • Very exciting!

  • Wonderful news. It’s a cute strip of homes along Florida, and now they finally have a local shop to support!

  • I also attended the the New Year’s Eve party at Mocha Lounge and it was awesome. Super nice space, totally charming staff and reasonably priced drinks. This spot is ever so slightly off the beaten path so I hope people make an effort to check it out!

  • Has ownership changed? It got closed down once before because, although it was obstensibly a coffee lounge, it had a liquor license and was operating more as a night club. I stopped in one afternoon for a coffee and I was the only one there, and the coffee wasn’t all that good. Granted, it was before the Odyssey or the Floridian opened, so hopefully they have more of a built-in customer base.

  • @ nicholai hel do u know where i can find the pics from that night cause i was there also

  • I live nearby and actually wrote that Yelp review. The bar is really cozy and nice to have in the neighborhood. I have been in touch with the new manager, Darnell. He told me that coffee service would be starting on Valentine’s Day, but the place was closed when I went for a morning cup this Sunday. Even the nighttime hours have been erratic. I hope it becomes more consistent soon!

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