Mayor Fenty Spotted Outside CommonWealth in Columbia Heights Mon. Night

2010-01-25 18.54.42

Sadly the reader didn’t know what was going on. I hope the Mayor had a few drinks after this interview because he looks less than pleased at this moment…

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  • Is it me or is the mayor looking very, very tired on tv?

  • The Mayor doesn’t drink alcohol.

    • if that’s true, unless he’s in AA, I don’t trust him. Never trust someone who doesn’t drink unless they are in recovery.

  • As a candidate, he is extremely weakened. The Rhee experiment blew up in his face. Politicians should learn the Golden Rule of politics. Do not fight the unwinnable fight. ESPECIALLY if no one cares about the issue. One could reasonably surmise that education is not a big deal in DC. So why would Fenty take it on? Unless he wanted to dole contracts out to his buddies, I see no gain in public school reform. Ditto for Obama with healthcare.

  • JohnGalt: I’m going to go ahead and assume that you’re joking and I just don’t get it, because that’s one of the most ridiculous comments I’ve seen in awhile. Then again, you take your name from a character in a misguided novel by a delusional misanthrope, so maybe you’re being sincere after all.

  • “One could reasonably surmise that education is not a big deal in DC.”

    Based on what, beyond the confines of your head? Show us a poll of DC residents or voters that shows education isn’t important to them.

  • I have a lot of sympathy for people who look stupid on TV. I’ve been on TV twice in my life and both times it’s been embarrassing to see myself later.

  • Mayor fenty looks bad both on TV and off. He’s really not that bright.

    And he needs to stop wearing those old man hats.

  • education is only an “unwinnable fight” if the City wants to be governed by pandering p–ssies.

    I’ll go right out and say it that all of our home values long-term will appreciate tremendously if the school system gets fixed and people actually stay in the City to raise their kids.

    long live Michelle Rhee!

    • I’m in for +2. My personal opinion of Rhee is one thing, however, I think she’s nailing the TU to the wall, and I think it’s the morally ethical position.

      Losing another generation of kids to drugs, thuggery and sub-achievement is unacceptable.

  • I have been a big fan of Rhee, but if she can’t prove up her most recent comments about firing teachers because they were molesting or assaulting students, she’s history. You can’t just say any kind of s**t to get people behind something controversial that you have done. Frankly, most voters would get behind the real reason–getting rid of dead wood that needed to be culled.

  • I believe she may be forced to resign over this.

  • I was sitting at the bar yesterday when Fenty and Jim Graham were at Commonwealth. Appraently it was a fundraiser for Graham.

    There was a pretty lame attempt to get a rolling chant of “Four more years” going, but it peetered out pretty quickly.

    Then some woman yelled out something meant to inspire a round of call-and-response from the crowd (as in “What do we want?” “Jobs!” “When do we want ’em?” “Now!”). Nobody answered her. It was pretty pitiful.

    (Captcha was: “hopping in”. How appropriate 🙂

  • Um. I don’t know what city you live in, but people care about education. Why else do we lose so many young professional couples to the suburbs. How often does that come up on this board alone? If we can fix education, we can create a bigger middle class in DC which can bridge the gap between the super rich and the useless thugs.

    I heart Rhee. Keep up the fight, girl!

  • Just as long as he doesn’t go on Sunday nights for trivia.

  • I have two children in DCPS. I care deeply about education issues. I have unfortunately seen that over the past two and a half years that Rhee takes every opportunity to publicly talk trash about DCPS teachers.

    I have no doubt in my mind that there are bad teachers (just like in every profession there are people who should not be working). However, making comment after comment in national newspapers and magazines and at speaking engagements across the US for several years now, makes DCPS teachers all look awful. And this is exactly what she is doing.

    My children’s teachers are both top notch. As an involved parent who is involved in my children’s schools, I have seen that Rhee’s reform efforts are not all that they are cracked up to be. Classrooms with no computers, students without the proper books are STILL happening. Teachers are frightened to speak up and my kids spend way too much time learning how to be better test takers. It is ridiculous.

    This latest scandal by Rhee makes me think that she has got to go now. Out of the 266 teachers who were dismissed due to budgetary concerns in October only 1 was accused of/ being investigated for sexual misconduct. I am very concerned to hear that a DCPS teacher was possibly engaging in sexual misconduct, however, it is no excuse for Rhee to make statements which makes it sound like there were many teachers molesting students.

    I do not know why she is so fixated on constantly making very negative comments to the national press. It does not represent the truth and it makes everyone think that all of DCPS absolutely stinks.

  • Did you really say that? \One could surmise that education is not a big deal in DC?\ WTF? IT IS THE ISSUE IN DC.

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