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This is a pretty wild one for a personal residence. Here’s the name:


From Wikipedia:

“In 1971, sculptor John Cavanaugh chose to create a statue honoring her rather than her accomplished father. A picture of her was not found at the time, so Cavanaugh sculpted his idea of an idealized Victorian lady instead…The statue stands in front of a private residence on North Carolina Avenue and Sixth Street, SE in Washington, D.C.. The subject’s head is turned to the left as if gazing toward the nearby Seward Square, named for her adoptive father. Olive died in Washington, D.C., and is buried in Fredonia, NY with her parents.”

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  • I do not live anywhere near DC but I always look forward to The Lawn Decoration of the Day. The people of Petworth are more inspired than their more southern yard art brothern.

  • The real local story here is the artist.

    Sculptor John Cavanaugh was a Dupont Circle local who became famous here.

    Very accomplished, I remember he had his studio on Swann Street in Dupont Circle where he heated, hammered and molded his art figures from slabs of lead like the one pictured above.

    Sadly, he died young more than 20 years ago. The lead had to do with it. There’s still an art foundation there with his name on the corner of 18th and Swann.

  • “Lawn Decoration?” Cenotaph: perhaps. Monument: definitely. Lawn decoration is what a hayseed might term this lovely statue.

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