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  • I might be addicted to their Penne Amatriciana. Haven’t tried the sandwiches, but my co-workers love them.

  • I just tried their takeout last month and can’t say enough good things about their food. It’s really fantastic, fresh, and tasty. The gnocchi was creamy and delicious. The coq au vin was delightful. And we even got free dessert (I guess since we placed such a big order, or maybe b/c the BF is such a big guy..) In any case, the canolis were HEAVENLY.

  • My wife and I went there on a lark a couple months ago–we liked it so much, we came back two days later. The pasta is amazing.

  • We live just down the street. We went for dinner after they opened the food was amazing, the service left a lot to be desired. Unfortunately they cost a little more than I can afford for a neighborhood place that I would frequent. I would definitely go back.

    • Just saw the take out menu, looks great with much less expensive prices than the dinner menu. I will definitely be making good use of that. Thanks PoP!

  • I once called home the house next door on F Street. I miss that neighborhood for some reason. The restaurant, whatever it’s name was back then, wasn’t very good. But its proximity aided many a law school hangover.

    • It’s a different restaurant. I too ate at the old (shitty) one while in law school and vowed never to go back. This is a different restaurant–different owner, different food, different everything.

  • it’s a few doors down from the best veteranarians (sp) in the district! there’s a funky coffee house across the street. great little area. the korean store on the end of the block is tiny, but has some exceptional choices in quick food and beverage.

    this is my neighborhood. i love it. funny, i remember getting lost there in 1995 (before i bought near there) and it was not the same place. lots of folks hanging out on stoops… some were drunk and yelling for me to ‘come on over here, whitey!’.

    oh, and a guy selling drugs right near that spot. what a difference a decade and a half makes…..

  • Wow! I must check this out. I remember when it was just a little hole in the wall–but food was great even then and they cooked much of it in front of you.

  • we used to call this place when i worked near by the Cranky Italian. Their food is AMAZING but the guy who worked downstairs could not have hated his job more. Its one of the things i miss most about that job/living down town.

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