Judging Restaurants/Bookstores – Potter’s House


Potter’s House is located at 1658 Columbia Road NW. We took a look back in August 2008. A reader recently writes:

“This past Saturday I walked down to Tryst to do some reading and could not find a single seat – understandable since it’s a nice location to have a drink, people watch, and socialize. After doing two “laps” around trying to find a seat, I eventually left and started my cold walk back home. One my way, I passed The Potter’s House on Columbia Rd., and figured, why not, I’ll give it a try. I’m really glad I did! There are no baristas and it’s not quite the “scene” that Tryst is, but it’s warm, relatively empty, clean, and cozy.”

Anyone other fans out there?

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  • Great place, great book store.

  • I gave up looking for seats at Tryst sometime in 2008. Shame though, the Stephanie be a decent sandwich.

  • Id go there all the time if it wasn’t christian.

  • Not that it necessarily matters, but I think the Potter’s House has some sort of religious/Christian affiliation.

    • It is christian. go there more than once and the crazys will start chatting you up about old JC. They are left wing christians. But still, I like my coffee and books free of religious agendas of anykind.

  • Yes, they are Christian hippies. It’s a good place to relax and get coffee. They also have an interesting selection of books. It’s not far out whackos as some would have you think. It’s a nice place.

  • I’ve only walked in there once, and thought it was pretty cool. I do loads of Christmas shopping from Ten Thousand Villages (a Mennonite Fair Trade store), and noticed that The Potter’s House had some of the same items. Didn’t have what I was looking for, but I had a nice conversation w/ the book store cashier.
    I’m not a member of any religious persuasion, but, to paraphrase Homer Simpson: “I like my TV loud, my beer cold, and my Christians ‘hippy’!”

  • The Potter’s House is fantastic and it disturbs me that its religious affiliation seems to be such a salient argument against it. Potter’s House part of the Church of our Savior and, as dispite being a Jew, think that it fills a need in our community that exists because of the lack of services for those in need. You should check out all the awesome things the Church of Our Savior does http://www.seekerschurch.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=21&Itemid=24 and I hope that you guys will take a bit of lefty Christianity if it means that these programs exist.

    Sorry I am getting away from the point, I guess it is that a cheap meal, free wifi, and interesting conversation you will have at the Potter’s House is worth the chance that there is a little bit of Christianity involved

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