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Corado’s is located at 3217 Mt. Pleasant Street, NW. It’s funny I thought I had featured all the restaurants on this strip already but never noticed the Corado’s sign. Is it new? Anyway, how’s the food? Atmosphere?

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  • It’s been there forever. An interesting tidbit is that the owner was David Chase’s inspiration for the character Corado “Junior” Soprano on the HBO television series, The Sopranos.

    • So the owner of a spanish restaurant — so I’ll assume the owner is Hispanic also — was the inspiration for an italian mob boss from jersey?


  • Great Promanada- I want to believe you. But could you provide some proof.

    Also- They used to have a different sign. Is there a reason why both Corados and Pfeiffers have tacky vinyl banner signs? Couldn’t they spring for a nicer carved wood sign along the lines of what Samber Market put up a few months ago.

    • I know Pfeiffers changed their sign when they were filming state of play in the neighborhood. Maybe that had something to do with it.
      Also, Pfeiffers is in trouble. So if the sign broke, they can’t afford to fix it.
      Maybe the same problem here?

  • Is it just me, or have there been more Mt. Pleasant-related posts than usual lately? Could it be that there is a Mt. Pleasant edition of PoPtrekkers in the works?

  • Love Corado’s! And I was really surprised, because it really doesn’t look like much (as you can see), but the food is great. Their Lomo Saltado is pretty much my definition of great comfort food.

  • Corado’s has been there forever and provides a great Guatemalan (as opposed to the more available Salvadoran) take on the central american classics. Very good food and cheap.

  • Hey, they have chile relleno! I’ll have to check it out.

  • How are the tamales?

  • The one time we were there, they had to go out to the market for napkins and diet coke, to complete our order. There were only a couple people at the bar and they seemed suprised to have diners.

    On the other hand the tamales were really, really tasty.

  • Corado’s is really good. And very cheap. And I’ve seen it there for the past three years.

  • It’s a good place, the Tostadas are great, also the Carne Deshilada (pulled beef) soup.

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