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  • Pretty good. Not quite as authentically French as some other spots around town, but the food is tasty and the portions are huge. They still have a great beer list, too.

  • never been.
    but after looking at their brunch menu, i think i may try it this weekend!

  • Had an excellent meal there. The chef has worked all over town and is finally getting a chance to shine. I suspect this will soon become U Street’s Bistro Du Coin, hopefully not as loud…

  • Good beer list, reasonable wine list, the food is a bit disappointing, though. Was very excited at the prospect, but after two visits am a bit underwhelmed–not hugely so, and will likely go back, but just not thrilled like one might hope for. If you get the steak-frites, spend a bit more and get the entrecote instead of the generic steak-frites. Noticeably better. The steak tartare was rather wanting if you had ever had it at the now-defunct Montsouris in Dupont. The salmon was way over cooked and dry. The duck is not bad.

    So, better than a lot of the eateries on U Street, but not a reason to go if you have to walk more than a half dozen blocks.

  • This may be trivial, but really if they want to be a real destination bistro, they should get a nicer sign and better decor. Doesn’t have to be expensive, just cozier.

  • Is this place open for lunch? I walked by there yesterday and it was closed. Agree on the signage though. It looks like most of the other crappy places on U Street with that signage out front.

  • I was one of the Axis fans who loved going in there, guaranteed seat, good food, quiet….I hate to publicize it, but we went Friday and it was packed, and really good food, good service, and a relative bargain.

  • had a great happy hour/light supper experience there- nice glass of red wine and delicious french onion soup with bread, for less than $15.

  • It’s got to be better than Bistro Bistro in DuPont! Long story short, they have Miller Lite on tap. I don’t think they were being post-modern when they installed it.

  • same old same old nothing great. Its an ok normal place to eat at.

  • Stopped by there for brunch on Saturday, and while my smoked salmon eggs benny were tasty, the service left a LOT to be desired. Not that it was the waiter’s fault- or should I say waiter’s, bartender’s, busboy’s, dishwasher’s, etc. fault. Seriously, the place was full on Saturday brunch (obvi) and there were two people to handle the whole place. So while I would go back for tasty food, I might wait a bit for them to get some more staff.

  • growing pains….i truly wish they’d remove one layer of inaccessability to their online menu, though. i hate it when i click the link and then have to download the doggone thing to see it.

  • I was pretty disapointed… seemed more like a factory.

  • I went in for Saturday brunch as well, and I thought it was delicious, and a much better deal than St. Ex. The mimosas had a splash of OJ and I could barely finish my crab cakes eggs benny, which came with fries and salad for less than $10. The bf got the full breakfast plate for $12 and the country pate was great too. The bartender mentioned that the staff didn’t show up, so they’ve got some issues there, but the chefs were running food too. All in all, I’ll be going back. They also have good happy hour prices, mussels and a beer for $15, and their beers are pretty cheap (and delicious for U street!).

  • I went there on opening night and really enjoyed some of the snacks and drinks the host provided. i agree, they have a great beer selection. The food is not, as one other poster commented, necessarily authentic french bistro fair – but its delicious and well priced nonetheless. Whats more, I have heard they a have a late night menu.. yay!

  • Great French onion soup and bread. Had the Poire Belle Helene and it was hard to eat, but want to try the other desserts. God-awful service. Is this where I’m supposed to say, “guess that makes it authentic”?? Haha. I liked the inside, but totally agree about the BS sign out front. It should almost say “French Bistro Cuisine/Seafood/Chicken/Chinese Food/Subs.”

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